Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Jumping on the Patience bandwagon....

I couldn't help it.   Honest, guv.

This kind of makes me feel like I did at school, when I was around 9, and got my first Pippa. All the cool girls had Pippas. My playground life changed for the better when I got one. It's like "Hey, I've got a Patience too - can I be in your gang now?"  ;)

Haven't had to time for a full examination yet, because today’s one of those days where I seem to have a dozen things to finish off and sort out.  But I'm immediately taken by how nice the outfit is - and I don't say that often.  I'm hard to please on the outfit front, because I'm such a perfectionist over mine.  It's very nicely put together, and lots of little bits like the basket and the hood make it really fun.

She's undeniably cute too.  I'm happy with t he brunette bunches and the face-up.  Really happy I chose the one I did. Although Glinda and Garden Patience are gorgeous too.  I'm most impressed by how well she stands alone.  I won't need to use the stand at all.

Because Patience has such a big head, I think I'll be able to get away with putting YOSD boots on her too.  My Ken dolls have commandeered all but the lilac ones at the moment though, and lilac doesn't sit so well with red.

Methinks her first outfit will probably be lilac. :) 

Here she is out of her box peering around at her new home.

And after that long journey, a sit down is a nice idea. She'll have a bit of a rest before making friends with the others.

(God, I'm such a kid)

I still have a Cami in the post, being flown over the pond as I type, and a Rory Riot doll from Jem and the whotsits. Holograms. 

I'm most excited about the Cami. She seems so darned pretty, I hope she lives up to my expectations.  Aaand hopefully it won't take too much tweaking of Ellowyne patterns to dress her.   Which brings me back to Patience. Now I get to tweak my Ellowyne patterns and see if I can scale them easily to fit her.

(After I've done all these things sitting around waiting to be done.)



  1. She's gorgeous... my replacement Patience arrived today amazing how quick they come when they get to bypass Customs lol!! I think their outfits are very well made - I've been impressed with all of them so far.... She's looks as inquisitive as my girls - have just been trying to take a pic of them all - so hard getting them all to look the same way lol!!!!

    1. Ooh yes, that was quick. Glad you've got her safely home! I'm still getting used to the eyes, but I much prefer these girls to Blythe -- I'm fairly certain WI made them to compete in that market, much the same as Ells are reputed to be made to compete with the MSD market.

    2. Yes I prefer Patience to Blythe although I've only ever seen Blythe in pictures! She never fails to make me smile - such an inquisitive little girl!!

    3. I have a Blythe copy, identical to the real article - they're not the most attractive of dolls for me, but I had hoped to make some clothing for them to sell. Patience makes me smile too. :)

  2. Oh boy, I'd love to see your Patience patterns. Which reminds me I still need to get a couple of your Ellos. I have Garden Patience and haven't sewn for her yet, but she was a doll I clearly wanted the moment I saw her. She's a fun one. Enjoy her, Tess!!

    Oh, and Cami is a beautiful doll. Quite a bit slimmer than Ello and of course Not the Big Head either. More of a classic beauty than Ello is.


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