Wednesday, 9 July 2014

More blithering

With a new guy doll, I can't stop poking him about and photographing him.   Here's Phin in some denim pants and a tank I made for my Soulkid Caleb.  They’re too big for him but he still manages to rock them.  

Shouldn't be too hard to adapt the patterns.  Phin's body, I believe, is the same as Tonner's Matt O'Neill, soooo, I can make patterns that people might actually buy.  :)

I love the MSD boots on him too. They're big, but big feets are highly underrated.

He seems to have a bit of an attitude on him, this boy.

Yeaaahh. Definitely attitude....

But I digress some.   I totally meant to show off Lizette's new boots.  It's a real pain trying to find cream, beige or off-white boots for MSD's, so when I saw this pearlescent pair, I snapped them up.  They're comically big on her, but she looks darned cute in them.  I wanted something off-white to finish the look of this outfit. All she needs now is jewellery and a hat.

She's been taking lessons in sass from Phin.   I like these two together.  I can see the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  Lizette is such a pretty doll, I adore my girl in this wig.  She looks kind of demure and really sweet.  I <3 her.

The head sculpts are of a good size too. they sort of match up better than say Ell and Phin.  Lizette seems to have the least big head of all the Ellowyne crowd. I mean - Prudence's noggin is vast.

They'll both be out on the town tonight, robbing cars, ram-raiding off licences, and generally raising hell.  Well, as long as she doesn't get the frock dirty... 



  1. Definitely a guy with attitude.....he looks great in the outfit and works well with Lizette. Loving her boots ... she needs a big hat to balance it out!!! I can just see them raising hell .... just call them Bonnie and Clyde lol!!!!

    1. Oh, she's definitely going to get a hat. :D A kind of bakersboy bonnet thing.

      Haha! I was thinking Bonnie and Clyde when I posted them. I'm so glad I have more MSD boots than I know what do do with. ;) Not to mention a drawer full of clothes I've made and rejected for selling.

  2. I love them! The outfit for Phin is awesome! I have Lizette also and I just love her! I just got a "wild daze" black wig for her which I LOVE! I am going to make a cool white summer dress for her with some lace. I haven't gotten any shoes for her yet though. Great job on both dolls!

    1. Hi! Thanks for the kind comments. :) Lizette looks amazing in white.


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