Tuesday, 1 July 2014

More sewing, more piccies.

I'll be taking photos in my sleep!   But I'm happy that the quality of my shots is getting consistently better all the time. The mini tripod is a massive bonus. Whenever my hands are shaky, it really comes into its own. Clever little thing.

And for some weird reason, whenever it's attached to my camera, even if I do pick up the camera to take a slightly longer shot - my hands shake less. Probably to do with the weight, and its good to hold onto one of the legs as I shoot too, steadying myself. 

Any old hoo, I'm making another shorter less expensive pattern tutorial this time, a fun little camisole/tank thingie Not sure what to call it. In the UK we'd say vest, but in the USA a vest is a waistcoat. You are all very strange, you folks over the pond, but I guess we Brits are all nutters, so it probably balances out. ;)

Don't want to give too much of the pattern away, but here's a couple of teasing visuals. It's pretty and pink, that much I will say.

And as usual it's smothered in vanishing ink... so I've dampened the whole thing to dry overnight, so I can take some nice photos for the cover.


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  1. Very nice.... perhaps you should call it a sleeveless t-shirt but vest works for me lol!!! But then I'm a certified nutter!!!!! Nice fabric by the way!!


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