Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Pants for Phin

Well, I managed to scale up the Ken tee pattern to fit Phin and the other 17" Tonner male bodies, but I don't want to scale up the jeans. Two reasons. One, I prefer to scale down if possible - I just find it easier. Two,  for a larger male doll, darts are a good idea at the back of the waist. It makes the pants or jeans sit better and is more professional.

Luckily, I have a pants pattern for My soulkid Caleb, who is a couple of sizes larger than Phin, but Phin has been wearing Caleb's old denim pants for a bit now and looking okay-ish.   So yesterday, I turned them inside out, put them on Phin, Pinned them up a bit and altered the pants pattern I have for Caleb using the pinned jeans as reference.

I'm having to do this the hard way - in fact, it's the same way I created the jeans for Caleb in the first place.  Measure up the doll.  Draft a pattern. Sew up a toile (test garment.)  Get it wrong.  Mark the adjustments. Draft a second pattern. Sew a second toile.  And so on...

Of course I didn't have to measure Phin, I had a pattern to tweak already.  If I'm amazingly lucky, it goes right first time - which does happen. This time however, I had to make two test garments. That's quite okay, because I have been known to make up five or six. The second pants needed a teeny bit of tweaking, but I know I'm there now. With my drafted pattern I can cut out some denim pieces and make Phin a pair of jeans.  He'll need pockets, and a waistband et al, but at least I know where to go from here.

Caleb's old denim pants. (One could hardly call them jeans yet)

And the process of altering the  pattern for Phin:

I try to use up old bits of fabric that I no longer like.  They're hardly attractive on a guy, but that's life.

Kind of fun though.  Hard thinky work, and my back aches a bit, but fun nonetheless.



  1. Oh dear his inner villian isn't going to like that fabric lol!!!

    1. Ahaha! I hadn't thought of that. But no. He's not going to be at his dastardly best in these.... ;)


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