Friday, 18 July 2014

Pattern #010

And another!   Pattern ten, hats for Ell and friends, and most MSDs you could probably think of.   Four different hats, three tutorials, and pattern pieces.


I've included the gorgeous little bakersboy hat, that everyone asks me about. I've been asked by several people if I planned to produce the pattern for it, and now I have!   The peak has been re-designed, because I used someone else's pattern for that piece alone and it's not mine to sell. But I like the new peak more, because not only does it give the hat an olde-worlde look, and a retro 70#s look, but it also gives a flopsy Holly Hobbie look to it as well. :)

Bakersboy hats are my favourites of all time.  I always wanted one as a kid but the ones I liked in shops were too expensive for my not-so-well-off mum, bless her soul.   So I've never had one, but my dollies do! 

So being offline for a couple of days wasn't all bad. At least it made me work and stop messing about online every five minutes.  I'm also feeling a bit better now. :)



  1. Fab hats - looking forward to having a go - you're right it does have a Hollie Hobby sort of look about it - really lovely! Glad to hear you feel a bit better... now if I could just wake up I'd be able to get on with something lol!!!

    1. Glad you like! :) I've been trying to get a perfect Holly Hobbie -looking hat for so long now, and I've finally hit it, I think. I hope, lolz. Enjoy your creative weekend! Although I know that not being able to wake up feeling.


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