Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Raccoon's Rags pattern tutorial #009

I really enjoyed this one. Sometimes it's nice just to sit down and make something simple like a little tank and a pair of shorts.   I had a couple of tiny scraps of this fabric left over, so I made the gloves from pattern #007 to go with the outfit.


It fits my KDF Katie well enough - but the shorts gather up at the crotch, due to Ell's excessively wide er, undercarriage. The tank is perfect on her though.

Now I have the next pattern planned. I'm thinking hats this time.  I have three of my own tried and tested headgear, so I might have a bash at those.

As soon as my new dollies arrive though, I'll be taking the time to enhance them and enjoy them a bit.  I'm so bad. I've not only bought a Patience doll, but a Thea and Phin from Imperium Park too, and a Tonner Cami.  I have just got to stop buying dolls and start paying my credit card.



  1. Looks fab......and hats would be good!! .... Boo Hoo my Perfect Patience is damaged.. one of her eyes isn't attached properly... but hurrah for Wilde as I get to keep my poorly sick girl and another one is being sent to replace her... I need to make her an eye patch bless her she looks like she's got a very bad squint!! You're right Liberty Tana Lawn is lush - what I ordered just arrived...oh my...

    1. I'm making myself have a break, but yes, I think the hats next, so I can finish off Lizette's outfit. I caught this yesterday, btu am lazy in responding to my comments. It's good that WI are sending a replacement and letting you keep the doll - especially as you'll have to pay the customs charge twice!

      Oh hells yeah, Liberty lawn is just scrummy. :)

    2. No I shouldn't have to pay customs twice - price is being marked as 0.00 and also as a gift so fingers crossed no more fees - I'm not convinced HMRC won't decide to open the package and then charge!!! Just been looking at more Liberty lawn..... such lovelies I'm totally taken with the Phoebe pattern (and tomorrow is pay day.... no hope for me!!!!) .

    3. Oho, that's good of WI to do that, I hope it works for you! My Patience is taking a while to get through customs, and my Imperium Park dolls are at my local depot pending customs charges - and I haven't had the letter yet. Parcelforce can be really slow and annoying.

      Mmmh, lawn. I'm trying hard not to spend anything for a while with all these dollies and customs charges.


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