Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Slade (Integrity toys Rory Riot)

So I wanted to call him Sid, which is definitely more punk, but as he was a glam boy to start with, I settled on Slade.  I just hope it's not so similar to Zane that it'll annoy me. I have a Mattel boy called Zane.   But I've wandered off the track again.

Since yesterday, I've added some new saran plugs to his hair.  Some soft brownish blond shades that are a tad more sophisticated looking than his old trashy blond.

He's still a little too bouffant for my liking, so I'll continue to style him over the next few days. When I enhance his face-up - I'll be sorely tempted to paint his nipples too. None of my Mattel boys have them and frankly, it's a novelty.

He'll be in teeshirt and jeans eventually, like my other boys.  One of the gang.

In other news, I've managed to finish all the tutorials for my four-hats package. Now I need to sit and draw out the pattern pieces, scan them, and make sure they all print out exactly right.   Eh, manana.

I'm off to eat brownies and moan about the pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen ...



  1. He looks much better now but you're right it's still slightly bouffant!! You're right that he's not a Sid he's too pretty to be a Sid! Looking forward to the hats... need to get on a make something else.... roll on the weekend!!

    1. Sorry for the delay. We lost our broadband for two days. Yeuch. Yay for weekend sewing. :)


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