Friday, 18 July 2014

Slade (Rory Riot repaint)

So yes, I got out my lovely new Tamiya acrylics and I ended up - as so often I do - repainting far more of Slade than I intended.

Now - I'm not a great re-painter.  I trained in art, so I know how to do a fairly convincing eye, but I can't do beautifully shaded and liquid looking eyeballs.  I'm equally rubbish at lips.  I can muddle through and often my work takes a few attempts. (I still need to sort out Phin's eyebrows.)

This is why I don't sell my repaints, or do commissions. And please don't ask me to do tutorials, because there are SO MANY on  t'internet, and most are much better than mine would be.  So go and look stuff up.

Anyhow, I will advise people to wrap up their dolls hair in clingfilm. (saran wrap,) or you will get paint in your dolls hair.  Which is horrendous.  Having done this - half-heartedly,  I started my repaint and yes, I did end up with paint in his hair, which I had to cut out very carefully so as not to ruin his whole look.

 I love to see a face-up come along. 

 The lips started off well, but I overdid them in the end.

Now, I'm aware of two things:  One, the whites of his eyes are too white. They could do with some subtle shading under the top eyelid.   Also - the lips are overworked and just don't look good.   I'll need to see to both of those things, but all in all, he has a piercing blue-eyed gaze that kind of makes me come over all unnecessary.

Haha! He looks like he could be Cameron Diaz's brother!  I don't mind Cam, luckily. She was awesome in "A Life Less Ordinary" with Ewan McGregor, (who else?) but I've seen some horrible "celebrity" repaints of her, so it makes me shudder a bit.

Buuut, once the changes have been made, he should be a pretty handsome guy. He looks okay in real life, but when you take a photo of a doll and blow it up to these sizes, every tiny little mistake shows up.

He looks like another bad boy. ;)

His hair needs styling again, but I'm waiting for the paint and sealer to harden off overnight before I get water anywhere near him.


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