Saturday, 19 July 2014

The ongoing saga of Slade...

I can't get it right.   Painting in this really hot sticky weather is frustrating, because the paint is drying on the palette after I've only done a couple of brush strokes, so not the ideal weather for it.

I have improved the lips no end though; and the eyes are a little less stark.  There's still an issue that's driving me bonkers, but I'm going to wait until the weather is more conducive to keeping my paint fresh and moist.

He's looking pretty sexy in spite of my frustrations:

The changes are subtle, as per usual, but you can sort of see the progress here.

We'll get there. 

 I've also re-touched Phin's lips. They looked a bit too purple-grey, but I've given him a more natural looking colour now.  Photos will be inevitable, but at the moment his hair is a mess.



  1. He's looking much more of a bad boy now lol!!! Weather is giving me headache too (literally).... still trying to get on with making another dress though.... I just wish the storms would go away now!!

    1. Yep, we like a bit of attitude. (I missed this comment!)


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