Friday, 11 July 2014

Tonner Cami

I tend to prefer my dolls with large heads.  Odd, I know, but I like the caricature and indeed doll-like quality of them.  I also find dolls with large heads look better with big clumpy boots than dolls with heads that are more in proportion, and Lord knows how I love big clumpy boots.

Many moons ago, before I got my first Ellowyne doll, I bought a Tonner Tyler.  I never could make myself like her, and so she was sent to a better home.    On and off, I've often looked at Cami over the years, and since someone on Facebook posted a picture of one - who looked much prettier than any other online pictures I'd seen - I decided to go for it.  

The girl I got was far less expensive than I thought a Cami would be, including customs charges, and so I'm delighted. She's stunningly pretty in real life. The stock Tonner photographs you see on the Tonner site and even on Ebay just don't do her justice.

The wig is great too, it hasn't slipped off despite much combing and tweaking to get it looking tidy. 

Really lovely expressive doll.   I'm glad I bought her.

She's nicely articulated, and fun to pose. I much prefer her more natural-looking body shape to that of Tyler Wentworth:

She came with porn-star shoes....

And of course I had to compare her with Ell.  Here's my Priscilla next to her.   Cami is longer in the leg and a more womanly than the teenage body Ell has been blessed with.   But, it looks like there's not a huge difference in size, and most of my Ell clothing should fit her. I'm  very much hoping my boned corsets (fitted exactly to Ell) will fit her perfectly too.   I'll be trying things on and taking pictures as and when.

Money well spent IMHO. :) I can see myself getting a couple more.  Because really, I don't have enough dolls.... 



  1. She looks pretty.....thanks for share ...

    1. You're welcome! Thank you for the kind comment :)

  2. Very pretty and you can never have too many dolls!!!!


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