Friday, 18 July 2014


Ack. Two whole days without t'internet! That was horrible.   I'm agoraphobic and my whole life is online.  My srs admin stuff and my friends and my dolly stuff.  I suffer from severe anxiety too, and I always get physically ill when the internet goes down.  Bad. Very bad.  I'm gazausted today, having not slept a wink, and having been kept awake by a bout with IBS.

We recently had BT infinity installed - which incidentally is not that brilliant anyway - but the guy who installed it in our house and at the local exchange box was a BT sub-contractor.   The proper real BT engineer that turned up today, said that this other pillock had left bare wires in the exchange, which shifted and touched, and burnt out or phone line and broadband. 

Still, on the bright side, some of my Spoonflower test swatches arrived yesterday, and most of them look great. One or two need a tweak I think, but all in all I'm pleased. I need to figure out a way to use them up now. Maybe more patchwork or gypsy-style dolly dresses.

I puttered around mostly.   I picked up Slade and trimmed his hair, styled it with some gel, and it's much less bouffant now.   I've been using ordinary cheap hair gel on a couple of old dolls to make sure it doesn’t react badly with the saran, or the vinyl, and so far I've found it's great ti use.

It's surprising how different this guy looks from different angles, and with different lighting:

Next I need to gently re-touch his face-up.   I've finished my hats pattern for Ellowyne, pattern #010 so I'll be listing that in  my Etsy shop today, and can take some time to play with my paints.   I'm still tempted to attempt a partial repaint on my Hunger Games Finnick doll too.

Now I'm suffering a poorly tum, and feel generally wiped out, so yes. A cup of mild tea and some dry toast I think.



  1. Aw, what a horrendous time you`ve been having. My folks were without phone/broadband for a couple of days this week as well (Talk Talk, aaaaargh!) It`s been a real hassle for them trying to deal with the foreign call centre from a mobile phone :( I hope the effects of the stress don`t linger and you`re soon back to your sunny self xxx

    1. *Hugs* Thank hon. Feeling loads better after some painting, and enjoying my internetz again :) Yes! They had to do that exact thing, an overseas call centre on a pay-as-you-go phone. It was a nightmare. J (or resident male) got really mad and kept insisting on being put through to ta supervisor and the silly girl was just trying to stick to her script all the time. They have scripts, you see. For different troubleshooting things, and they get flustered if you ask them anything that's not in their remit, as it were. J has worked in IT, he's a damn good techie and he needed to speak to someone who was on his level.

      But yes, I ranted. sorry! Everything's back to normal now. :)

  2. Not nice being without t'internet - hate it when mine goes down so quite understand. Hope you feel better soon - weather is starting to get to me - when it's thundery it gives me a headache and poorly tum - so not looking forward to the forecasted storms!! Oooh look forward to the hats pattern... I'm poised to buy lol!! Have done all the chores this week so I'm set for a weekend of dolly makes! Slade looks loads better now but he's still a very pretty boy lol!!!

    1. Oh Trish, it freaks me out because I have customers quite a lot of the time who want A4 copies of my pattern emailed to them. It's not goo for me not to be able to get back to them within 24 hours. We actually had a good storm here last night, much fresher today. Sorry to hear your get poor heads and tummies though. Not good.

      But yes! chores done, you can just have a good old time this weekend being creative. I'm already looking forward to seeing what you do. :)

  3. Hope you feel better soon, this blinking weather is upsetting tums in our house too :(
    Looking forward to seeing hat pattern!

    1. It seems quite common. One of my homes said the heat gives here a bad tum as well, so with that and stress, I wasn't too great all night last night. But already I'm feeling better! So thank you for the kind words. <3

      Hat pattern is published now. :D Very happy to finally get it all done.


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