Thursday, 3 July 2014

Xander - my Iplehouse JID (Ryan)

I picked up poor Xander today. I say 'poor' because he's been sat on the shelf in a wig I loathe for months.  I've bought a couple of fur wigs for him - because there's no doubt in my mind that he looks ten times better in a cut and styled fur wig than he does in a proper MSD wig.  He's been in one that makes him look right drippy and I couldn't stand it any more.

I haven't finished cutting yet, just made a start on the shape I want and already he looks ten times better. Slightly more edgy and less Donny Osmond.

I've seen people get flamed for using fur wigs on their expensive resin dolls in the BJD communities, sadly.  But IMHO the scale of the fibre is far mre realistic. The fur stays where it's put and isn't bouncy or springy like the standard MSD wig.  (I'm not sure if they're saran or nylon or what.  I think it varies)  And I just really like to see a cut fur wig on a male BJD.

It looks kinda glossy and natural on him, even in jet black, which I usually try to avoid, preferring an almost-black for my darker haired dolls.

This is a work in progress. I cut short hairstyles over a period of days or weeks, preferring to have to take off a little more than to cut too much off by being scissor-happy.

At the moment, I've left some long bits at the nape of his neck, thinking I can hide the bulging neck joint so typical of JIDs when you tilt their heads to an angle - but I'm concerned it might look a bit like a mullet! Ha.   I'd welcome opinions... the wig will get shorter, but not by much, and should I lose the long bits at the back?

I forget what a beautiful boy he is. I think he deserves a new teeshirt this summer.  He's been neglected far too long - but I have new dollies coming and I'm still very busy with the patterns.  So we'll see.

So many dolls, so little time!



  1. Tell me about so many dolls too little time lol!!!! Personally I prefer him without the long bits but that's just me.... and what's wrong with Donny Osmond.... he's the reason I love the colour purple lol.... I was only 11 at the time..... my taste has improved......!!!!

    1. I do recall the purple socks. ;)

      And yes, I've actually cut off the long bits during the course of the day. So I agree!


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