Wednesday, 13 August 2014

And now for some fur

Faux fur, actually.   You can't seem to get decent faux fur for dolls wigs in the UK for love nor money.  All the stuff available on eBay or on most of the fabric sites is that horrible acrylic shiny stuff.  The kind of fur wigs you can buy through eBay from Korea, America, Taiwan and China etc, all seem to be made out of the much better non-shiny fur fibres.

I tend to get my ready-made faux fur wigs from beachgirlnikita, as she uses really nice fur that's easy to cut and style.

I did find a hopeful site here in the UK though, who cater for bear-makers, and seemed to have some better quality long pile faux fur.   I ordered some in black/brown, and it arrived today.  The quality is gorgeous, I must say. The black 'hairs' are all sleek and glossy (not cheap shiny, but glossy) and the brown hairs are more matte, and more like the better faux fur I've been trying to source.

It's very dense though. Almost spongey.  So I have no idea how it will style when made up into a wig.   I fear it's a tad too thick for Lucas or Phin, but I'm going to make up a JID sized one for Xander (My Iplehouse Ryan) and see how it looks.

I'll report back here hopefully tomorrow.

The dress pattern for Ell, btw, is still coming along nicely. My head is all over the place though, and I keep making mistakes and having to start from scratch.  Argh.



  1. Look forward to seeing the wig. Don't stress yourself out over the pattern you'll get there in the end and I'm sure it'll be well worth waiting for!!

    1. The wig was a dismal failure, lol. It's such dense fur, that I can't style it and is just gives Xander an afro. Which isn't his style at all.

    2. No Xander with an Afro just doesn't sound right lol! Oh well some you win some you lose!


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