Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Bits and bobs

Got the cheque from the Customs office a few days ago, re: the cock-up they made of my purchase of Lucas. (Tonner Phin with bad 'tash)  And now it's safely paid into my bank account so I can finally breathe again.

Stupid Customs. 

And on with the day.   First of all, My Ever After High Dexter Charming arrived.   Very speedily, I might add. I'm quite taken with him.

He's rather sweet and is currently my desk mascot. Of course his hair is full of glue or something and drastically needs styling, but at lease it's in a style that I can do something with.  I may add sideburns too, because they'll make his face look less wide at the cheekbones.  

He... really doesn't look like a 'Dexter' though. 

The clothing is surprisingly good too.  I like his jeans and tank, under the princely coat, and I'm looking forward to modernising him a bit.  He came with plastic boots that look a bit like Chucks, do that's all good. I should try some of my Ken shoes on him and see what looks good.

Next, I tackled a bandana for Ell. I'm making a pirate lass get-up for her, and am getting carried away with tricorns and bandanas and headgear in general.

Bandanas are often worn under tricorns, so I wanted to make both, and while the tricorn is going swimmingly, I need to wait for supplies to finish it, and bandanas on dolls are tricksy things to make.  the bulk is a nightmare, and it's hard to know a simple scarf shape, as the knots get too huge for the doll too. 

 Still, I came up with a cunning plan, and the result isn't too shabby:

This first one I made in a soft 4-way stretch viscose with Lycra. It's extremely soft and stretchy and fits really well.

I had to modify the pattern to make the same thing in a 2-way stretch jersey with no Lycra.  It's almost as successful, but needs a tweak.

I do like the stripey fabric though.

My main problem - if you look at the knots on the side of each bandana - is to get them to point down and not stick out the way they do.   Not sure how to do that, but will tackle it afresh tomorrow.

For today that'll do.  I've been holding back lots of the things I've been doing because I like to reveal an outfit once the pattern is drafted and ready for sale. This time however, I've gotten so wrapped up in the pirate look, that I want to make a couple of special outfits and maybe a few tricorns to sell long before I end up perfecting the sewing pattern.



  1. I thought the hat from yesterday had a bit of pirate look about it!!! The bandana looks great on Ell and Dexter is very cute!!

    1. Hee! I'm over the moon how the outfit turned out. I wanted to make it pirate-y, but I didn't mention it just in case it went wrong - and I had to call it gypsy or something. ;)

      He is a bit of a cutie. I think I'm going to like these dolls. Which means I don’t know what to do with all those Monster High dolls I don't think I want any more....

    2. I'm looking forward to seeing the outfit!!! Pirate or Gypsy sounds good to me... Sell the MH dolls...

    3. I'm jumping about waiting for the trims to arrive. ... and I may sell the MH girls. I've just sold a resin doll I've had on ebay for a couple of weeks now though, so that will replenish my funds a bit.

  2. Oh that pirate look is going to be soooo exciting (The tricorn did kind of give it away. You could adapt it for a highway woman as well, think "The Wicked Lady")
    Well if you don`t sell your MH gals I guess I could always give them a home, hehe ;)

    1. Haha! Yes I was thinking of Highwayman's doxie too (Wicked lady is good too). I was into Highwaymen long before everyone else was into pirates of the Caribbean.

      I know... I could really use the cash though. Big bills to pay soon, eek.


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