Friday, 8 August 2014

Currently obsessed with Lucas...

Lucas: my second Tonner Phineas (Imperium Park)  Now I have two and won't be buying any more.  They seem to be getting scarce too, and anyway, this lad cost me arms and legs, what with the cock-up by UK Customs - I still haven't heard about getting my refund yet.  I've been advised to phone every week and ask how my case is progressing.

Which I will. I'm still fuming over it and feeling perfectly happy to annoy the hell out of them.

Still, I've made the most of the dolly.  Here he is in different poses, with slightly different lighting.  Slightly confused and just a wee bit shy.

I like the fur wig, but I have a long Monique one, which I'm going to try to style and cut.  That'll be scary.

He's kind of adorbz. I really need to stop crushing on my dolls... I swear, every time I knock Phin over (I'm a clumsy arse) I've been kissing his head and saying sorry...



  1. I've cut a long Monique wig before now - it worked out quite well! Typical HMRC take your money but then take their time giving it you back - you keep hounding them! Lucas looks much better now you've done a fab job on him. I talk to my girls all the time - I always say bye to them when I go to work....I've also been known to kiss them better if I hit them over...I blame living on my own .... but then I've always been slightly eccentric.......

    1. I've started cutting the wig already. It's a surprise how good the straggly and unfinished thing looks on Lucas already! Haha, I feel terrible when I knock one of my dolls over, or just bash them with something. I share a house with friends but am single, so there's only my dolls and me in my part of the house. .... eccentricity rules. I did used to love living alone.

      Ugh. HMRC. I shall phone on Monday and every subsequent Monday until I get some joy.


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