Friday, 1 August 2014

Fun with stripes

Seeing as how it's hard to find small scale stripes for dolls, on stretch jersey fabric, I thought I'd try to create my own Spoonflower prints.  I plan to make dolly teeshirts and stockings out of them at some point.

I'm pleased with the samples I got today.   When people buy my fabrics, I get 'Spoondollars' and when I have enough, I pay for some sample swatches, so basically these are not costing me any real money.

Link to my Spoonflower shop:

The first are blue and purple "Alice stripes", based on my idea of Alice in Wonderland's stockings. Nice small doll-scale stripes. I like them, although my purple looks more pink.  It's hard to get the colours right on a computer screen, which is why Spoonflower insist you pay for sample swatches first, so you're not selling patterns that don't work.

Next, my "aqua flavoured stripe".  It's a variation of a multicoloured stripe with aqua filter applied in Gimp.

And lastly, I have some old stretch fabric that has stripes of such pretty colours, people keep asking me where I get it. It's just a stash scrap I got on Etsy, and can't be found any more.  So I'm trying to re-create it.   The Spoonflower stripe is attractive, but still a long way away from being the same as the original.

My darks are not dark enough, and my lights are not light enough.  So I need more contrast obviously.  I'll have to have another go, and wait until I can get some free samples.

Fun though! :) I have some good dolly-stockings fabric in my stash now.



  1. Very nice ... I really like the multi strike Spoonflower repro - and the Aqua stripe.. I have to be careful with stripes as they often flash at me and trigger migraines....

    1. Ohh that must be horrible. I know blinking lights can trigger them, but having suffered them myself, I can see why some stripes would. Or that kind of moire effect you get with some fabrics, that always makes my eyes ache a bit.


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