Saturday, 9 August 2014

Fur wigs

I'm guessing it doesn't count as spam if it's on my own blog. Right?  Anyway, I've been sorting out that fur wig for Phin. black, of course.   I also discovered that a good way to smooth them down and style them a bit is to use an iron.  Use a LOW SETTING.  I er, managed to ruin the test wig I was messing around with, 'cause I'm a numpty. It melted.

First one is nice and atmospheric, the boys look good, but I've toned down the saturation a bit in the other pics, due to Phin's lips looking just a little bit red to my eyes.

Phin giving every impression that he loathes smiling for the camera nicely.  His inner demon is coming out every time I pick him up.

I've kept the wig he came in, and I have Lucas' original one as a spare.   I like the look on both boys.  It sort of softens them, and the fibres (as I keep saying) are a good scale for the dolls.

Lucas:  "Quit glaring, you're making me kinda twitchy.
Phin: "You going to give me something to smile about?"

Phin: "Hm. ..Like maybe a quiet drink somewhere intimate and potentially sinful?"
Lucas: "Dude - you're touching me."

Phin: "Kid, with baby blues like those, it's something of a miracle you're not mauled hourly."
Lucas: "Uhh..."

Lucas: "...  Uhm. Isn't Lizette gonna be, I don't know - pissed?"
Phin:  "Au contraire. The lady rather likes me to share my things."

Lucas:  "...  I'll get my toothbrush."

(All my boy dolls are a pretty high score on the Kinsey scale.  That's just the way it darn well is.  Lucas's blushing was photoshopped in btw)



  1. You do make me laugh!!! Fab pic story and love the blushing even if it is photoshopped!! Oh dear poor innocent Lucas does he really want to get pulled into Phin's deviant ways......(he looks the sort to have deviant ways.... )

    1. "Dude, you're touching me" actually made me laugh too. Lucas is impressionable. Phin is going to have a field day and he thanks you for the comment about being a deviant. He's very flattered....

      Lizette's facepalming in the corner.


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