Monday, 25 August 2014

How long can I go without buying new dolls???

About five minutes it seems.   I'm so bad.  But at least these guys are playline and pretty inexpensive. 

I've finally caved in to temptation and bought a couple of Ever After High dolls.  I have several Monster High, and would like to know if I can tailor some of my MH fashions to fit EAH dolls as well.  then I can probably publish some patterns for them.

Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

I couldn't take to any of the MH boys (although Deuce Gorgon is still a
possibility) so I looked at the EAH lads. The huntsman character has silly hair, so Id have to do a re-root, but I took a look at Dexter Charming:

 Wasn't too sure, he still has silly hair - but I found a pic without the glasses and he's so darned cute, I had to have him.

 Maybe I can restyle his hair without having to re-root him.

Then I picked a girl.  I prefer my dolls slightly tan, so wasn't keen on Apple White, and one had hair that was too dark, so I chose Briar Beauty, because of the skintone, hair colour, and the face-up.

So yes. I've been naughty again.   But I have two new dollies winging their way to mah wee hoose, and I don't think I’m a bit sorry.



  1. Lolololol, you are a bad lass!
    I confess I looked at the ever after gals and was sorely tempted by Madeline Hatter....but my MH girlies staged a naked protest (not really very effective as everything they do is naked....but I guess that`s the point, hehe)

    1. I still have many naked dolls, or dolls who are dressed in second rate failed attempts at dresses! Can't help myself. I'm interested to see how similar the EAH are to MH.

  2. I've been tempted Briar Beauty several times.... but so far managed to resist.....and in the words of a friend... is it illegal?, is it immoral? does it make you fat? If you can answer no to at least two then it's justified..... so continue (just don't spend too much lol!!)

    1. IDK if you've ever heard of the Fabulous Furry Freak brothers, but to misquote Freewheelin' Franklin, "It's better to have dolls in times of no money, than money in times of no dolls". ;)

    2. mwhahahahaha! ;)


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