Friday, 8 August 2014

Lucas' enhancement. (Tonner Phineas)

I've posted some of these pics before, but I wanted to show Lucas' progress from start to finish.   Now I've finished tweaking his face-up around, I decided now is time to quit before I wreck it.  I kept of faffing with Phin's eyes and ended up overdoing them. Something I shall have to remedy when I'm feeling brave.

I find it hard to change a doll's faceup once I've 'bonded' with it.  Even if it's less than satisfactory, it becomes part of the dolly's personality and character. It's why I can't bring myself to have another go at Phin.  I know i can do better, but I'm sort of in love with him.

I'm more than happy with Lucas now though. Despite my limited face-up skills. He looks sort of cute and innocent. Slightly wide-eyed and hopeless. While Phin is a bit of a bad boy.

 If you play around with watercolour pencil, you can give your doll a few different eyebrow styles before committing yourself - NOTE!  Test the pencil on a part of the doll that won't show though - some of them stain.

The eyebrows could be so much better, but they're the least awful ones I've ever managed to paint.  Annoyingly, they do look much better in real life than on camera.

 And here is. All finished but the wig needs a bit of a style, as it's been removed and tried on many times over, while I was trying to get his brows right.

I'll take some better pics once I've stopped finding things to do - ie things to stop me having to tidy up my workdesk. It's a tip...

In fact here it is. Not exactly conducive to sewing a pretty frock is it?  Just as a tip - the wooden box next to my glasses is what I use to rest my right hand on when painting the doll's head. It's a really useful thing to do when you want to rest your hand to stop it shaking.  You could use a thick book or a couple of paperbacks. I use different heights of hand-resty-thing for different sized doll heads.

Note the boots I'm in the process of repainting too.  Yes. Repainting.   More on that when they're done. :)



  1. 100% improvement - nice to see all the pics and how his makeover has progressed!!

    1. thank you! He is a shy cutie now - and yes, I wanted to show the change right from the start. :)


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