Saturday, 9 August 2014

Messing with wigs

I do actually like Lucas' fur wig, but because the wig the Phin doll comes with is so nice to style, I wondered if I could use a Monique Gold wig for an alternative look.   The Monique wigs have supersoft fibres and are lovely and easy to put on a doll.

I almost bought a new short one, with a definite part and no fringe, but I realised I had two Monique Gold "Ginger" Wigs which fitted the bill. Parting, no fringe and already wavy.   A bit long maybe.

I have a few of these "Ginger" wigs. Two in the right kind of brown for Lucas.   Here's the 7-8" one, which looks heavenly on Katie and Rachel:

I also have a 6-7" version of this which wasn't as nice on any of my dolls, being styled badly.  So it's a good contender for a haircut.    The parting is central, but that's okay. I put the wig on Lucas so the parting was to one side, wet it down, and started trimming.

It's still in need of fine tuning, but when wet does look pretty good on him. Here he is with Phin (Who's probably considering all the trouble he can get Lucas into) ....

I left it alone last night because I was tired and that's a really bad idea when cutting doll hair. When I brushed it out this morning - it's all bouffant, heh.  Definitely needs more cutting and styling, but my mind is all over the place today so I have been doing a bit of this, and a bit of that, and not really getting much done.

The eagle-eyed reader might spot that I've been tweaking Phin's face-up. His lips are a better shape now, but I think they're a wee bit too deep in tone. I was trying to mix a colour the same as Lucas's factory lips, but it's not easy.   I've also re-touched his brows a little.

I have Xander's other fur wig, a black one, that I'm also going to trim up for Phin. so both boys have a realistic wig and a fur wig each.

Every time I look at Lucas in a photo now, I keep wanting to correct his gaze.  It looks fine in real life, but the camera picks up his right eye as being a little off.

Anyway.  Lots of bitty things today. I've listed one of my MSDs on Ebay to try and get some money back into my bank account after the Customs incident.  I need to sell about three of them, maybe four.  I just want to keep the ones I really love and find homes for the ones I don't pick up or sew for. Poor things. 

If anyone wants a Luts Kid Delf, I have two available.  And I may sell Xander, my Iplehouse Ryan.  Not sure yet. Now I have the vinyl boys, I just seem to like playing with them more than the resin ones.

Except for my little prince, Caleb. He's going nowhere.


He sits by my bed with his cute lil' teddy and it warms the cockles of my heart.  <3



  1. The wig I chopped up was a Ginger and if I'm not mistaken the same colour way!! It never looked right on my girls when it was long!

    1. Haha, coincidence! They're nice thos Ginger wigs, but some are styled a bit badly at the fronts. I was lucky enough to get a couple of good ones. I also have a jet black one I'm thinking of chopping up for Phin. I'm not keen on jet black doll hair in 'Caucasian' dolls or very pale dolls as a rule, but it suits him. The wig is going to waste, so I may as well give it a go.


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