Sunday, 31 August 2014

Not so great Saturday

Ugh. Feeling unwell today, so am huddled in bed watching downloaded vids of project runway.

Here's a past Ellowyne Project to keep the blog going.  Made a couple of years ago with fabrics I hand-dyed and over-dyed.  I called it my Vivienne Westwood tribute....   Project runway made it seem appropriate.

Love the Debbie Harry wig too. 

More stuffs when I'm feeling better.



  1. Nice to see this one again as it was a particular fave of mine. Hope you`ll be back to your usual sunny self soon xxx

    1. I'd like to make some more of this kind of thing. All I need is the time! Feeling less crappy today. xx

  2. Nice outfit... hope you're feeling better soon!!


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