Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Pattern #012 - pants for 17" Tonner guys

After a rather long time - PC breaking, and all sort of Real life problem, the trouser pattern for 17" Tonner male dolls is up for sale.

Here in my blog:

In my Etsy store:

And on my Sellfy page

The pants/jeans are a skinny fit and look great on my boys.  Here's Lucas in the plain pants.  I've added just a couple of embellishments. These would be good for slacks, or even if you're nervous about tackling jeans and just want something more simple to practice on first.

And Phin in black (what else?)  detailed jeans with inserted pockets and side patch pockets with flaps. These pants have back pockets too, also with flaps. All details are of course optional, and you can add a little or a lot as you please. I even show you how to add pronged studs correctly, and how to make the little belt loops.

And a pic of the cover with both boys together:

Now I need a little R&R before tackling my next pattern so I'm hoping to enhance Lucas's face-up.  But I have the dentists tomorrow, so won't be able to concentrate on a single thing until it's all over.  Uck, I hate leaving the house with such a passion.

But Friday is all mine. Hah.



  1. They look really good! Hope going out to the dentist isn't too horrendous for you - just focus on Friday and doing what you want to do!!

    1. Lucas's head doesn't pose too well. He won't look down as far as Phin does so he's difficult to photograph. But the jeans look good anyway ;) Yus, I hate dentists, but I will do just that and focus on Friday.


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