Sunday, 17 August 2014

Patterns market research

If anyone wants to add a comment and help me in a little market research with my dolly clothes pattern/tutorials, I'd be most grateful.

Here's the deal: The patterns I sell don't just come with basic instructions, they come with pages-long full tutorials, with loads of photos, that walk even a beginner through the whole process of making the garments. With this in mind, I've found it's prohibitively expensive to print out the instructions and the patterns and offer them as printed matter.

I don't want to get into professional printing services because there are a lot of costs involved, and planning etc, and mine is a bit of a niche market – so I don't expect to sell more than a few of each of my patterns. I'm not looking into starting a full-scale business!

So. I was going to offer this as well, for people who can't print out anything at home:

1) The printed pattern on sheets of paper (I can afford to print these simple black & white documents) Many people find it easier to follow the instructions on their tablet or netbook, and the pattern pieces themselves are usually the only things people need on physical paper.

2) A DVD with all the tutorials and bits and pieces in both A4 format AND US letter format. ( So I can be sure people can print them out if they are able to and want to, whichever paper size they need.)

3) If people can't use a DVD disk (due to only having a tablet device, or no DVD player on their desktops, etc) I can send the PDFs of the tutorial by email AS WELL as the two above items in the post. The emailed PDFs will be in whichever size the customer requests (A4 or US letter.) That way one gets instant gratification of being able to read the tutorials, and the hard copy of the pattern (and the disk) will be on its way.

((Cons: I will only be able to manage the Post Office once a week, because I'm agoraphobic anyway, and I live in a rural areas and have to depend on a kind friend for a lift. But I'll have to specify that on the sales pages.))

The physical product will be a couple of pounds more expensive than the PDF downloads only, and of course shipping on top. But I'd be careful not to make it all horribly expensive.



  1. Sounds ok to me. I only ever print out the pattern pieces and always view the tutorial on the laptop or tablet - that's mainly because I find it easier to view patterns/tutorials on screen rather than it being a lot to print. I've even stopped printing out knitting patterns now! Not sure I'm much help to you soz!!

    1. Hmm, yes the folks who can't print out seem to be in the minority, if they cant print out the pattern pieces they're scuppered, so I thought I'd try to offer a hard copy and the DVD is to get around the fact it's expensive to print out the entire tutorials. I work the way you do when I buy pattern PDFs. Tablets are great! - No worries about not being able to help, I just thought I'd throw it out there to see what people thought.


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