Thursday, 14 August 2014

Phin got a gun

When Lucas arrived, there was that old-fashioned gun in the box, the one that comes with this version of the Imperium Park Phineas doll:

I hated the outfit, but loved the gun, holster and belt. The boots were frankly a bit rubbish too, compared to some of the MSD boots available.   I'm still playing with Lucas and Phin. I'm loving the trimmed fur wigs. Every time I pat their heads affectionately (..I am sooo sad. I sometimes actually cuddle my dolls. Not they I tend to cuddled Phin. He's not the type..) it feels so soft and kind of warm.  Makes me want to kiss them on the head.  Lucas probably likes it and goes pink, Phin quite obviously despises it so I try not to.

(Oh my god - is anyone else like this with their dolls?  I'm such a sap. How  embarrassing. Yes I do appreciate they're just pieces of plastic, but why collect dolls if you're not going to love them and think silly things about them?)

Anyway. Guess who won the argument over the gun?


He looks kinda like a gentleman adventurer crossed with a cat-burglar, de-steampunked and brought slightly up to date.   The gun is totally steampunk, and a wee bit incongruous, but I love it.  Phin would prefer a Glock, but hard luck.

Righto, spam, spam sausage egg and spam....

 He's very pleased.   I'm not sure if that's because he has the gun - or if it's because it's rightfully Lucas's gun.

The belt buckle and gun match up with the metalwork on his jeans too.  Except for the fact that I've only just now realised, the fly button is copper and the studs are brass.  D'oh. I'll have to change that.

Lucas is hoping for a lightsabre because Phin told him he was named after George Lucas. That's a crock. I just like the name. And where am I going to get a 1/4 scale lightsabre? 

He might be lucky if I can find a sword. Angels should have swords. And according to Phin, demons should have bloody great guns.

And I am getting on with that dress pattern. What I wanted to do was a bit too much just for one pattern, so I'm breaking it into two separate ones.  Makes life easier.



  1. Of course I cuddle my girls.... especially Zsa Zsa as her poorly eye makes her look a bit sad ... they are my lovely girls... I say night night to them and say bye when I'm off to work and I talk to them.constantly .. yes I know they are plastic and not real but in my head they are real little people with a personality all of their own.... Oooh two Ello patterns you are spoiling us....

    He's loving that gun a little bit too much I think lol!!!

    1. My housemates reliably inform me that it's pointless me being into dolls if I don't love having them as much as I did when I was a kid. Very astute people. :) I think because I write as well, I make up characters all the time, and can't help doing the same for my dolls. It's cute that you hug Zsa Zsa, I hug Lucas because he looks so lost and clueless, lol!

      Yup, I think two is better, but they have a very similar bodice, which I hope will be okay.

      Oh yes. And probably waving it in Lucas' face too! The meanie.

  2. LMAO! I just love reading your blog, it always strikes a chord ;)


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