Saturday, 16 August 2014

Raccoon's Rags pattern #013

Hey, thirteen is a very lucky number!  ;)

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Or here in my blog, on the For Sale page:

This is one of my most favourite dresses to sew for Ell. It's simple, elegant and can be prettied up in all sorts of ways.  The pattern includes the dress itself:

The petticoat:

And the lovely little belt, which is a really fun project you can use for all sorts of dolly outfits:

The petticoat can be made so it peeks out under the dress hem, or can be made not to be seen.  Personally I love to see petticoats under dresses, but I like to give people the choice.    

This is a lovely fabric from Joan McLemore over at Spoonflower. She reduced the scale of one of her designs for me especially, and as luck would have it, the stone colouring in the dress goes perfectly with the boots I dyed recently.  I'm a huge lover of clompy boots with floral dresses, and these look super-cute on my Ell.

I dyed the belt leather the same colour too!   I can make matching shoes and belts now. Go me.   You can have a go too, if you follow my advice in the boot-dying tutorial and decide you'd like to try sewing this newest pattern.

Any old hoo, here's the pattern cover, I'm really happy to be able to offer this one, and yes, God bless all who sail in her... ;)



  1. Hurrah.. have been and purchased! Currently making another dress with puff sleeves.. Looking forward to having a go at this one.. only one more week at work and then I have 2 weeks holi-dolly-days..... so hoping to have some time to create! Sorry meant to say it's lovely (I always liked this dress) :)

    1. Awesome. Excuse the delay, but it's hard to comment on my blog using the app on my tablet. I can't wait to see what you do with this pattern. I can so see some of your lovely crochet with it. :)

  2. Totally gorgeous! I feel I`m missing out not having any "big" dollies to dress in your lovely designs. But then, my little dollies don`t have clothes so it wouldn`t be fair anyway.....

    1. The one thing I noticed when I moved from teeny Pips to bigger dollies - was the amount of fabric I was getting through! lolz, you can literally make Pip clothes out of tiny scraps, but Ell and her mates just gobble up my stash.


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