Monday, 11 August 2014

The next pattern is...

... A proper pretty frock for Ellowyne. :) 

I have some gorgeous Spoonflower cotton voile in designs by Joan McLemore, and will be using them for the dresses in the pattern.   Won't be showing too much before the pattern is ready to publish, but here's a couple of teasers of the first bodice:

Slow going again, but that's because everything has to be perfect, and I take several shots of each stage before I download them to my hard drive; edit them; write up the instructions; and then do a bit more of the garment.   Odd to be doing girls clothes again!

In totally non-doll related news (but it's my blog and i can do what I like)  I only just realised today that Mr McGregor's tattoo has grown some.   He and his lovely wife have had more babies, so he added to the tat. Which I think is kind of adorable.  There's something incredibly sexy about a man who loves his wife so much and adores his kiddies. 

This was what it was like when he was younger:

 And now it's like Topsy. Just growed....

Incidentally, here's a gratuitous photo, purely because he looks SO DAMNED HOT.

*Happy sigh*   My day is complete now.



  1. Oooh another pattern the girls and I are excited.....sits in corner waiting patiently....... that's a lovely fabric.... and nice pics of Mr McGregor!

    1. Yup, it's one I made for Lizette a while back now, with a couple of design options. I like to have those. And yes, I try to restrain myself from gushing over him on the blog, but sometimes I just enjoy the eye candy. ;)

  2. Goody! Another pattern for Ellowyne!


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