Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The UK Customs matter

I was kind of surprised today to get a letter from Customs about the stupid mistake they made when they valued my parcel at $1900.00, instead of $190.00. It pretty much cleaned out my bank account, and I posted off the relevant claim form, all the invoices and stuff from the sender, along with an angry letter, less than a fortnight ago.

They've said I'm entitled to a refund worth almost £300.  Which is pretty much what I'd thought it would be. I'm not jumping for joy yet, because it will be some kind of cheque or 'payable order' which they will send within 30 days. Until I have my money, I won't be able to relax.

While I’m slightly impressed that it didn't take months and loads of phone calls - there wasn't even the slightest suggestion of an apology.


Sorry.  I don't like to be crude in my respectable dolly blog, but that's what they are, and I'm still pretty angry.   But at least it looks like the whole process may not be as agonising as I'd thought.



  1. They never apologise even if it is their fault but great news that you're getting the money back..

    1. Yeah, I guess I was hoping too much, heh. But it's weight off my mind now. Even if I did incur a bank charge because of them. But I suppose it was my mistake that led to my account being emptied, so I can't really go to a tribunal or anything.

    2. Yes but if you hadn't paid the amount charged the parcel would have been returned to the seller. You can only make a claim after you've paid what they have charged.. really if you incurred bank charges as a result of their mistake you should be able to claim for them... but then this is HMRC so I doubt you'll get any more....never simple is it lol!!!

    3. No, never simple. the bank charges weren't loads, thanks to the fact that banks are now forced to charge more reasonable fees, it's just annoying. But hey-ho. At least I have Lucas as consolation, ;)


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