Friday, 22 August 2014

Throwback Thursday.

I thought I would maybe have a couple of regular features on my blog,  if I can remember to keep them up!   At the very least, it will give me something to talk about on the days when the sewing is never-ending and the pattern-publishing is grinding slowly.

I was going through my archives, and I discovered my very first OOAK doll, along with my very first attempt to sew for a doll.  Well, strictly speaking, I did manage to make a couple of really good dolls outfits as a child, (ooh wow, maybe I could try to reproduce them?)  but this is my first adult attempt, way back about 15 years ago.

I fell in love with My Scene barbie back then.  I had boxes full of nude dolls awaiting their makeovers at one time.   For this one, I made simple bandeau-style top and skirt waistband, and went about decorating them.

My photography was pretty poor back then though. Do excuse badly-posed dolly. I wanted to make everything, headgear, jewellery, shoes, bag, and she was even my first re-root.  I painted her eyes too.

I loved those arm wrappings.   And later on made some removable ones for a different doll, in leather.

These boots were not half bad for a very first attempt I thought.  They weren't removable though.

And I'd just wound down my jewellery making business, so I could use those skills to for her jewellery and tiara.

I love making hair slides. Why do I not still make these?  ... oh yeah, Most of my girls have short wigs now.  Heh.

As far as details go,  I was very lavish.

 Can you spot my passion for purple?

Unfortunately, as you can see from some bits which are not finished well, the whole ensemble was not really sale-able, but I'm glad to have the pictures of a first effort.   In the end, I made another dress for this doll, and altered her partial repaint and I did sell her.  

I used to have way more space to devote to doll crafts. Now I have to restrict myself to sewing clothes, mostly.  But some day I will have more than one room to call my own and Ill branch out a bit again, maybe.

What a fun trip down memory lane. :)



  1. Fab idea to show off your earlier efforts. She looks great to me (I'd have bought her!) - it's purple what's not to like lol!! Now I like the look of the hair slide... I may have to have a go at something like that for Ell!! I like the My Scenes - the only Barbie I do like - I have some hiding in a box... waiting for a photo shot! Fifteen years ago I was still stuck in the world of cross stitch... there's a limit to the number of fantasy pictures you can stitch... and still to rediscover the world of dolls... it's much nicer in the world of dolls lol!!

    1. Thanks Trish. :) I keep finding nice dolls that I started out with... I do like the idea of re-creating some them with the better skill-set I have now. Maybe for a different doll like Ell.

      Yes the My Scene girls are the nicer of the Barbies. I do have a couple of regular Barbies, but they're carefully picked for not having the bimbo smile, lol. I've done cross stitch too. I tried several crafts before I discovered dolls, which is a much more varied outlet for one's creativity I think!

  2. Wow, this is pretty awesome for a first attempt, the colours and details are gorgeous. My first real dolly outfit was a satin gown with puff sleeves and "pin tuck" bodice for my "big" doll before pips stole my heart. I`ll have to dig her out for a pic, it was pretty damn good for a kid! My first adult pip outfits were very basic, took me a while to get to grips with her.
    Ha, we`ve all been devotees of cross stitch at some point, and patchwork, and bargello tapestry and quilting..... ;)

    1. It's not bad for a first try is it? lol. I used to sew stuff for my dolls as a child though. I think I was about 12 when I went to some kind of olde English Fayre and saw the knights jousting and all the women were dressed in medieval clothes. I promptly went home and made a medieval outfit for my Sindy, and it was really good. I wish to god I'd kept it. Maybe I'll try to recreate it sometime, for Ellowyne perhaps.

      Yup, all of the above, all sorts of embroidery and patchwork!


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