Thursday, 28 August 2014

Throwback Thursday

Time for another past project for your perusal. (try saying that after a packet of wine gums)

This time it's an outfit I made for Pedigree Sindy many moons ago. Flared pants, a peplum strapless top, armlets and a reversible hat.  I had so much fun making this, and every time I look through my archives it's a blast from the past.

I adored my Sindy doll when I was a kiddie, and once made her a medieval costume, which looked pretty good for a 12 year old effort!  I wish to high heavens I'd kept both the doll and the outfit.  But at least I have pictures of all my adult projects. :)

Of course, making a hat wasn't good enough, oh no, I had to make a reversible hat.... With a removable hatband.

And I had so much fun with it, I ended up making a Pippa sized version. I think the hat was also reversible.  Mon dieu.

Both of these are in someone's private collection now, I can't remember what years I made a lot of my outfits in.  I've recently started to keep a sewing journal, so I can identify a frock with good old 2013, or whatnot.

And that's me for today.  Work on the tricorn has ground to ta standstill while I wait for all the trims.  And I had a manic day wrapping outfits and a doll I've sold, so not much time for anything creative.

Off I go to retire with a good book and a cuppa.  :) Has anyone else read the Lord Peter Wimsey books? I'm loving them.



  1. Love it - Sindy looks gorgeous in this outfit! Any plans to do Sindy sized patterns? Lord Peter Wimsey not my cup of tea - not a lover of detective/crime genre.

    1. I may do some Sindy patterns. I do have a few garments that fit really well, so once I've used up all my Ell patterns, I'll move onto different dollies. I'm not usually into crime books, but there's something cosy about the 20's and 30's that I can't resist.

    2. I know what you mean aboutthe 20s/30s - I've always felt that I should have lived then! Love the fashions from that era as well!!

    3. Yus, the good old days of guys n' dolls :) I love the fashions too, but not sure if I have a flair for them. Once I've worn myself out on pirates, I may do a bit of research on the fashions of that era.


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