Monday, 15 September 2014


I have these phases where I'm obsessed with accessories, especially shoes, boots and hats.    Spurred on by the success of the pirate boots I posted earlier on, I decided to make some shoes for the dress I used to illustrate pattern #013.

The fact that I'd dyed the belt to tone in with the dress made me decide to make some shoes in the same colour.  Painting flat bits of kid leather is SO much easier than painting up a pair of already-made boots.  I can't part with the boots I coloured recently, so the shoes will be perfect to sell with the outfit.

It's a messy old business involving glue, leather and all sorts of odds and ends. To make it even more complicated, I taught myself how to make buckles out of jewellery wire.  It's annoying trying to find the right sized buckles for various scale of dolly, so I'm glad I finally figured out how to make my own.

Here's the work in progress.  I tidied it all up a bit for  the photo, but you can see the practice buckles I made.

And here are the finished shoes. They're a sort of espadrille style.  I'm so happy with them because it's the first time I've ever tried to make a proper fitted toe - instead of just easy straps across the foot.

They fit really nicely.  I heartily recommend this blog for some amazing doll shoe tutorials:  Fashion doll Shoes. Tarja is so talented and she makes some of the loveliest doll shoes around.

Here are mine from the side. They curve well and fit Ell's foot really nicely.

And from the back. The hand made buckles are looking good, and I worked out a way of making them nice and sturdy.

Next comes the hat - although I made that before the shoes.  I posted on my Facebook that I'd accidentally made something stunning, and promised to show what it was, once I'd finished. And here it is. :)

The 'accident' was in trying to design something else and coming up with this lovely shape.    I've used the same fabric that's in the dress to cut some bias binding strips.   Making one's own bias tape is hugely rewarding - but that wee bit fiddly.   Totally worth it though.

I had some pre-made cream satin roses, and made some more out of scraps of the dress fabric to tone in. The aqua beads are little glass pearls.  I do like this colour palette. 

It looks very sweet on Ell too.  This ensemble is turning into something special.

And that's all for show & tell today. ;)

Yes, I know I have the finished pirate outfit I need to post, but I keep thinking of little tweaks.  So that will come soon.

I'd also quite like to do a couple more tutorials on how to make the roses I made in the hat, and how to make those buckles.  They really are very nice buckles and deserve an airing.



  1. Gorgeous shoes and hat! I'd love to know how to make the buckles.

    1. I will do a buckles tutorial for you and and a roses tutorial For Anj. ;)

  2. That hat is awesome! My tutorial request is for the roses please :)

    1. As in my comment above to Trish, I shall do both those tutorials for you ladies. xx

  3. You continue to amaze me with your HUGE talent - My jaw is on the floor xx

  4. HAT TUTE, please!! I'd love to make that hat! Would that be annoying for you to create and sell?

    1. The hat will be produced in a pattern tutorial to sell at some stage, but needs a bit more development. :)


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