Saturday, 27 September 2014

Fabric design...

... Is dangerously addictive. ;)

As promised, here's the result of the blackberry-dyed fabric.

It's a piece of cotton voile, and all I did was to mash up the blackberries in a mug, add boiling water, and a teaspoonful of salt, and I poked the fabric into the mixture (crushed bits of blackberry and all) Then left it to soak for two hours.

I like a mottled or marbled effect with my dyes, and this came out really nicely, and I had a soft shade of greyish lavender.

I read online that elderberries give a stronger colour, almost blue, if salt is added.

Here's the blackberry fabric next to the tea dyed pieces, to give it some colour context.  Purple is the complementary opposite to yellow, so any purple shade next to yellow ones tend to stand out better.

So that's that.  I need to figure out how to use the colours together in an outfit.

Mostly, I've been crocheting Blythe hats these last couple of days. But I'm a sewist** not a knitter/crocheter, and I get bored so fast.  So I've been hopping on the computer and playing around with some cute new fabric designs.  They'll be small scale, for dollies, of course.

I came up with an old favourite of mine,  the kittyface fabric that's available on Spoonflower.  I may work on it a bit more though.

And what else but a raccoon fabric made from my little logo. :)

Lastly, I love owls, so owl fabric had to be created.

I think the owl one is my favourite. 

So back to the crochet. I plan to tint one of the hats with fabric dye, so that will be the fun part - as will making crochet and bead flowers to embellish them.

Next time, I'm going to sew something for Blythe.  Their heads are too huge for me to be able to crochet anything quickly. On the upside, crocheting a hat for Ell or any other doll after this will seem really fast.

**I always say sewist because if you read it written down, 'sewer' is just completely the wrong word! I suppose seamstress is the proper word, but it suggests femininity and plenty of guys like to sew too.  I could say tailor... or couturier... but the latter sounds a bit pompous.



  1. I like the blackberry dye effect! Looking forward to seeing the crochet hats. I haven't managed to make a crochet hat for Patience yet - such a big head! I can see why you don't want to be called a sewer lol!!!!

    1. The crochet hats went horribly wrong, so I'm sewing some now!

      Yes, it's not something one can take professional pride in. ;)


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