Thursday, 4 September 2014

Finally, Tricorns

And a bandana.  These are harder to do for dolls than one might think. Simply knotting a square of fabric, or even a long strip is tricksy, because knots just don't fall the same way in miniature as they do on humans.  I devised a pattern that works and it looks pretty cute. :)

The prototype tricorn went okay.   I did a load of research and made a few quick hats to try and determine the best shape of hat to form into a tricorn. There is a slight trick in it, something small, but makes a significant difference to the final styling. That's my secret for now! I may end up publishing a tricorn pattern, so I don't want to tell all.  ;)

Here's the prototype.  It turned out a little too small for Ell with a wig and a bandana, but it does fit Phin perfectly, even over a fur wig.

The brim, I felt, was a little bit wide and it looks a bit exaggerated and 'flappy'.  It looks good with that old-school gun though, and I really want to make him a Highwayman's coat some time.

It took me several more attempts to come up with the real deal.   I tried a few different techniques and pattern shapes. I came up with lots of ideas for this, but wanted something pirate-y, rather than highwayman for now.

What could be nicer than invisibly-sewn edging?  :)

Here's my girl, Saffie, with the final tricorn.  I wanted it to look pirate rather than highwayman, and the bandana underneath it, a-la Captain Jack Sparrow, makes it look more high seas than highways.  (I'm hiding the dress for now, until I can release the pattern. Even though I know there's been a peek of it in previous posts)

It's a little difficult to find doll-scale feathers in the UK, but luckily I found a few options on Ebay.   Good old Ebay.  My saviour.  I'm liking the details, having seen several tricorns with rivets through them in my research, I decided to use fancy bits for this one. You can see the black braid a bit more clearly here too.

And with that done, it's going to take a lot more R&D to get together a working pattern, with different sizes that cater for all the heads from Phin-sized, Lizette-sized, right the way up to Prudence-size.   This would look great on a mini-BJD as well.

The pirate lass dress pattern is coming along nicely though.  I did get sidetracked with headgear, but we're getting there.



  1. Wow that hat is the business as they say!!! Well done on a fab job! I'm making a skirt from the petticoat pattern at the moment... I'm quite pleased with it ...

    1. Thank you! I wanted it to be the best tricorn I could make, and I'm happy with the result. I'd like to make one using utrasuede - it's gorgeous, but horrendously expensive.

      Oooh, I always look forward to your sewing projects! :)

  2. Aaaaargh! Every time I see what you`ve been up to I get a horrible urge to try to copy it pip size cos your ideas are always more interesting than my own!!!!! (perhaps not the sort of thing one should admit to but there you go!)

    1. A Pip tricorn would be way cool. I don't think your ideas are boring! I constantly marvel at the perfection and creativity of each new outfit!


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