Friday, 5 September 2014

More bits & pieces...

Everything's bitty lately.  I've done the hat, and now I'm trying to do several things at once. 

First, I'm trying to make a pair of cutlasses (cutli?) with Milliput. I've strengthened it with wire, and it looks a bit yellow here, but should cure to a greyish colour

I'll have to paint them up and decorate appropriately, and I'm not sure if the knuckle guards will work.   I may end up making something out of sheet aluminium. I used to be a silversmith, so I know I can hopefully knock something up.

My lovely old dad, who has been a master artist with doing up and modelling for Citadel Miniatures is the miniature weaponry expert in the family, so I'll take them to get his advice when I go visit him next week.

Yay, I'm seeing my dad!  The agoraphobia makes it hard for me to visit him, so I'm looking forward to it (or will be once the panic attacks wear off.) He's 83, walks something like 6+ miles a day; and is the most jolly old soul anyone could wish to meet. 

I did end up making a belt to hang a cutlass from eventually. And here's a teaser.  I'm so pleased with this little belt!  I've even managed to use eyelets for the buckle-holes. The buckle itself I found on Ebay, and ordered loads, because they're often hard to find in doll scale.

Finally, as it's been a long time since I made a pair of Ellowyne Wilde boots, I thought I'd have a crack at some pirate ones.   Sewing kid leather by hand is tedious and painful. You need to use a leather needle and those things are evil sharp. I keep jabbing myself and howling. The air was blue earlier.

They don't look like much yet, but I'll keep on with them.

That's it for today. I'm off to watch Project Runway.  I've been working through all the seasons and it's inspiring me to want to do some fashion drawings.  I suck at those, but I got out the sketch book earlier and had a go.

I won't be showing any.  Probably.  Unless I manage a masterpiece.



  1. I do hope you have a wonderful visit with your dad, is he very far away? As we get older the time spent with our folks becomes so much more precious :)

    1. That's the frustrating thing, he doesn't live far, only in the next town, but it feels like a monumental journey for me. Ah well. It'l be tomorrow now (Tues) so fingers crossed.

  2. You are clever.... love the cutli (great word even if it doesn't exist lol!!) and the belt and boots! Have a great visit with your Dad.

    1. Lolz, I prefer cutli to cutlasses, which is more correct, I checked it out.


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