Monday, 22 September 2014

My first Blythe pattern: #015: Now available.

It's so much fun sewing for littler dolls when one is used to Ellowyne Wilde.  Makes a nice break, and I had a blast making this pattern.  It's even prompted me to buy another Blythe clone for my photographs.

This cute lil' cropped pants and blouse outfit has two tutorials, all the pattern pieces, and as usual instructions on how to print them out.

I have more ideas for Blythe and will publish them soon. then I must get on with making something for Patience. Who is indeed living up to her name on my dolly shelf.

Pattern #015 is here in my Etsy shop:

And on my Sellfy page:

And here on my blog, in the "patterns for sale" page, right down at the bottom. (via Sellfy)

Here are a couple of pictures of the garments before embellishment.  The pants are so quick and easy and are great for beginners.

The blouse is a little more advanced, and I know some folks are a bit scared of sleeves, but my method walks you right through it, and puff sleeves are the best way to start.

The ensemble does fit on my Pullip body, although the blouse is higher in the waist and the pants are shorter.   The Pullip bodies are a teeny bit thinner, although the hips are bigger than Blythe, and also longer in the torso and legs.

I love pale blue and yellow together.  I really enjoyed this one.

As you were. ;)



  1. Lovely pattern - you're making me want to get a doll it fits just so I can make it lol!! My Patience gang are waving hello and yes they'd very much like me to sew them some they are very excited of the mention of a Patience pattern!!! I hate to tell them they just had new outfits and they must now learn the art of Patience!!

    1. lol! I resisted Blythe for a long time, but I like the size to sew for. And yes I saw your Patience outfits on Flickr and totally forgot to comment. I shall rectify that now.

      There will be Patience patterns, I promise, but I'll do a couple more Blythe ones first.

    2. No hurry for Patience patterns...I haven't got round to the pirate dress or any of the hats yet so I've plenty to keep me occupied. Thank you for the nice words about the Patience outfits - they were fun to make! Trying to do an Ell jumper on tiny needles and it's trying my patience lol!!!


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