Tuesday, 2 September 2014

New camera

It's a bit of an indulgence, I know, but I take so many shots of outfits in progress, and finished doll pictures that I'm using two different tripods (one small desktop one, and a larger one.)  Sooo, it's such a hassle swapping the camera over, I thought I might get another camera and keep the two tripods set up permanently. I do enough photography that it's almost a second hobby, and feel I can justify owning two cameras.

After all, I'll spend loads of pennies on a doll, so getting a new camera for far less than the price of a Cami or Ellowyne is fine with me.

The camera I ended up buying is a Nikon Coolpix L29, which I got for £49.00.

My existing camera - my trusty Canon Powershot A800 was around £35.00 when new.  I wanted to get another one, but they're not made any more I think, and the ones I did see on Ebay started at around £80.00.

Here's the Canon.  (terrible blurred shot, sorry)  I love it to bits.  It's basic, but takes great pictures, really clear, and it's a joy to use, being well-thought out as regards where the data cable goes etc.

And here's the new kid:  Much prettier, I admit, and more expensive - but, I hate to say, not quite as nice as my old Canon.

I really like it, don't get me wrong. It takes much bigger pictures and even videos (which I doubt I'll use) But it's overall wight and solidity doesn't feel such good quality as the Canon.  The Nikon is lighter and feels slightly more plasticky. 

It takes stupendous shots, which is the most important thing.  My only gripes are ...

1) the data cables is only like 2 feet long, so the camera has to be right next to my computer tower when I want to transfer the pics to my hard drive.

2) The data cable is plugged into the base of the Nikon, (not the side like my Canon)  Which means when the camera is mounted on the tripod, it's a bit annoying trying to plug in the data cable without taking the camera off the tripod - which is why I wanted two cameras in the first place. It's possible to do, just a bit fiddly.

In general the Canon seems to be the best laid-out and nice quality item, the Nikon takes majorly higher pixel images.   Each has it's own good points, but for 50 odd quid, I think the Nikon could be just that tiny bit better quality in the construction.

Any old hoo, I'll be taking pics with both, and enjoying not having to transfer the darn thing from tripod to tripod any more. :)



  1. I like the colour!!! I have a Canon Powershot A3200 - which I'm very happy with! Never tried a Nikon used to have an Olympus but all I ever got was blurred shots so much happier with the Canon! Enjoy your new camera and I look forward to seeing the pics!!

    1. I love the Canon Powershot range. Before the Nikon, they were the only cameras I've owned in the past - but have become that bit more expensive. So I'll look after mine really well and hope it lasts! lol.


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