Friday, 12 September 2014

Pattern #014

At long, long last, I can reveal the Pirate Lass dress and bandana pattern.  Phew. That took some doing, not least because I've worked on with tricorns and boots, etc, to put together an extra special outfit.

But more of that later. For now, here's the pattern for the dress, underskirt and bandana.

Here in my Etsy store:

And on my Sellfy:

I have also listed the new pattern for sale here in my blog:


I'm most pleased with the sweet little bandana.  They're hard to get right on a doll, and I'm so fussy.  But it turned out really nicely in the end and has it's own little 7 page tutorial which comes with the pattern tutorial.

The whole ensemble would look great for any olde-worlde romantic outfit.  A Highway-gal, a serving wench, or you could add all sorts of ribbons, lace, and bows to make it a proper princess dress.

I'm so pleased with it.  The most fun was the lace-up front.  I love doing eyelets, they always look so good.

It took me what feels like forever to complete the whole pirate look, I'll be posting that tomorrow.  

Yay! I'm free to play around with a new idea now.  :)



  1. Fabulous..... will be off to purchase shortly!!

    1. Just got back from my fish & chips dinner to see your purchase. thanks so much Trish. I hope you get the A4 pattern PDF okay. :)

  2. AB so LUTE ly love this, Tess. What fun.


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