Sunday, 7 September 2014

Pirate boots.

Trying to make pirate boots to go with the outfit, although they're kind of fashion-y too.   I love to embellish and couldn't help myself.  I have this great pattern for Ellowyne Wilde boots that I devised several years back. I hardly ever make the boots (so much work and sore fingers) but every time I use it, I'm pleased with how good it is.

They don't look much here, but once on the doll they begin to come to life a bit.

Then of course I had to embellish.  I put studs around the cuffs.  These are real pronged studs not just nailheads, so they won't be coming off any time soon.

Next, because the boots have to be made loose so Ellowyne's heel can get into them without ripping the back stitching open (this happened to me yesterday so I needed to adjust the pattern,)  I thought some smart leather straps would pull the boots in against the doll's legs and give a better shape.

Ankle straps alone looked a bit meh.  Two straps on each boot just looked wrong, so I ended up making three for each boot, six in all.   So much fun making these.

And here are the finished boots.  I've tried not to trim the straps too short.  A little too long is always better than frustratingly too short.  I made little belt loops out of black satin ribbon to poke the ends of the straps through to keep them from flapping around. The loops add to the detail as well.

You can just about see the belt loops here on the right boot:

I may put heels on them later. Not sure yet, because I quite like soft-soled dolly boots, and also don't want to wreck them. Heels are tricky. I have to carve them by hand and stick them on right.  Scary business.

For these shots I've been using the new camera, the Nikon L29 Coolpix.   Sad to say it's really not as good as the Canon when it comes to focusing.  It's okay for snapping my work in progress, because I can sharpen the images in Gimp afterwards.  But it's a slight disappointment.  Ah well.   We live and learn and it's not as if it's terrible.
And now that I have very sore fingers, but have satisfied today's creative urges, I'm off to eat home-baked brownies.  :)



  1. Fabulous boots - the belts and buckles have totally transformed them!!!

    1. It's amazing what embellishments can do. I'm still debating about putting heels on, but because of the way I made these, there's a real chance it could ruin the look.

  2. me gusta un monton,vaya,son chulisimas...algun día podré hacerle algunas a mi ellowyne ,de momento me conformo con verlas....muy buen trabajo

    1. (google translate) Gracias por las amables palabras. :)


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