Sunday, 21 September 2014

Print ideas.

Quiet day today, and I ended up on the computer doodling patterns.  After watching so many Project Runway seasons back to back, my head is full of half formed ideas.

One is to design a print that lays over a dolls dress pattern.  Not your usual small repeat, but something big and maybe stripy, that can be designed onto the pattern shape itself.

Here's what I mean, a tee shirt for Ken to start with, because they're usually fairly quick to make.

(The pattern pieces are not to scale, so don't go thinking this will fit Ken if you copy and trace it, but it does show the general idea.)

I really love designing fabric prints.  It's so nice to get them from Spoonflower and various UK printers I use.  I was devastated that Fancyprints have stopped using cotton lawn and cotton voile, but managed to source Liberty Press, who do small scale print runs here in the UK and they do a nice lawn, as well as some fine linens and sheer silks. 

I have not found anyone in the UK who can match Spoonflower's prices though. Some of the costs are bordering on extortionate. I'm sure if Spoonflower can do it for a reasonable sum, others can too.

Here are a couple of small scale prints I did for dolly clothes.  The sample swatches arrived recently and they look lovely.

They're available on my Spoonflower page

I don't sell the fabrics myself, Spoonflower sell them and give their designers  either a 10% discount on their own fabrics, or they give us 10% commission when anyone else buys the fabric.  The designer (me) isn't responsible for prices, or things going astray in  the post. It's a hassle free way to earn a bit of pocket money and anyone can open a Spoonflower account.

UK Fabric printers are Fancyprints, and Liberty Press, for anyone interested in giving it a go over this side of the pond.

Liberty prints have a preview window for your designs (Not as good as Spoonflower's)  But with Fancyprints, there is no preview. They're opening a new website soon, hopefully, which will make it easier to order.

This wasn't meant to be a review of fabric printers!  But there we go, I like to impart information.

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