Thursday, 25 September 2014

Sewing, dyeing, printing...

Trying something a bit different as an outfit today. Something for Blythe, and it's going rather nicely.  This is a good sized little doll to sew for.  Small enough to be fairly quick, and not so tiny as Pippa or such an awkward sway-backed shape as Monster high.

The blue of the skirt fabric, which I had printed by Lacuna Press (formerly Liberty Press) shows up much deeper today. either because it's against a paler blue, or the light is just better.  Either way, this is more what the print actually looks like.

And from the back, I love the shape of the overdress.

The underskirt needs dampening again and styling a bit more neatly, bit overall, it's coming along.

Also, I dyed an extra piece of fabric to go with the ones I showed yesterday. The teas was stronger, so the colour seems a lot deeper, I love it. I've been trying to find a beige which isn't too brassy for ages, and now I can dye my own for next to nothing.

Looking forward to making something with these fabrics.  :)

Also, this morning, I had a treat in the post.  My sampler from Lacuna fabrics arrived today.  I'm so happy with the result. To be honest, it's better than anything I've had from Spoonflower. The colours are almost identical to those on my computer monitor whilst I was designing the prints.   Even the very pale colours show up beautifully.

And they're SO FAST.  My word I have to wait forever for Spoonflower - and not just because of the Atlantic ocean.  They take about nine days to print, I think, and Fancyprints seems to take a wee while.  I don't want to do Fabcyprints down though.  It's well run and incredibly friendly and helpful. They will print cotton jersey too, which is a tad awkward to find in the UK.

Last but not least, I was banging on about using cheap household ingredients for dying fabric to one of my housemates.  I asked if she could get some cheap and nasty blackcurrant squash for me, next time she does the household shop.  She went one better, bless her, and went to pick me some blackberries from the bottom of the garden - absolutely free.

I mashed up the blackberries in a mug, added half a mug of boiling water, and a teaspoon of salt, and the fabric is still soaking. That's the beauty of sewing for smaller dolls. You only need a small piece of fabric, and therefore half a cup of dye is cheap and easy. I shall hopefully be able to reveal the results here on my blog tomorrow.

My life is so exiting....



  1. Pretty fabrics... look forward to seeing what you make. The Blythe outfit looks lovely so far! If the Blackcurrant experiment works I expect you'd get a nice colour from Blackberries too!! The tea dyed beige is fab!

    1. Love the tea beige. :) It went even better than I hoped!

  2. I love what I see so far of your Blythe pattern, Tess! And have you posted a "how-to" on tea-dyeing fabric? Do you just boil the fabric in water with tea bags in it?

    1. I'll try and get a tea dyeing tutorial going at some point. I just looked up a few recipes online, and ended up making a hot mug of strong tea, with a couple of teaspoons of salt, and soaking the fabric scrap in it for 2 hours, then rinsing well until the colour stopped coming out. I only use small pieces of fabric because the doll is small, so a mug is the right size.


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