Tuesday, 23 September 2014

UK printing service.

It's always exciting to get your very own fabric print in the post.  I'm in love with this bluebell-coloured shabby floral I designed a while back.

Having been gutted that Fancyprints have stopped doing cotton lawn, I found Lacuna Press (formerly Liberty Press) here in the UK, who do a really beautiful lawn, as well as some very lightweight bamboo fabrics and silks.  I ordered a colour map and a sample booklet from them and was surprised at the speed of dispatch.

I was even more surprised when my first fabric sample arrived only 4 working days after I'd placed the order. Spoonflower takes an age (even without the shipping across the Atlantic) and Fancyprints seem to take a long time.  But Lacuna are very swift. I'm impressed with the quality too.

Here's the link to Lacuna Press:

Here's my cotton lawn.  I couldn't capture what a pretty bluebell colour this is, even after fiddling around with the hue and saturation.

Here's more of a close-up. My camera isn't doing justice to this pretty blue - it looks paler and greyer than it actually is. 

I'm making a Blythe outfit with it at the moment, with a view to drafting a new pattern to publish.

I've already ordered more samples from Lacuna, can't wait!  Im expecting something from Fancyprints too, they do a cotton jersey which I can't find anywhere else. 

Also, I'm tea dying some fabrics for another Blythe outfit.  Hope it works, I've never tried it before, and tea dyeing can produce such a pretty shabby-looking tint.

Watch this space for more Blythe stuffs. If it works... ;)



  1. Love the fabric... will go and have a look at that site. I've thought about trying tea dying as well - I look forward to seeing how you get on!!

    1. The tea dying went well, I'll put some pics on the blog tomorrow :) It's so easy and the tea really stains the fabric properly! I may try coffee tomorrow, and someone suggested Ribena, lol! If you've ever spilt Ribena on a white teeshirt you'll know it's a definite possibility.


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