Saturday, 20 September 2014

Working on my first Blythe pattern.

Just a quickie today.

I had a lovely lady buy one of my Blythe outfits and ask if I planned to make any patterns for that outfit, or for Blythe in general.  Short answer - Yep! :)

Here's a sneak peek at one of the tutorial images:

Started yesterday and have already completed a cute lil' pair of cropped pants (that also fit Pullip.)  Today I'm working on the blouse.   Tiny fiddly work after doing so many Ellowyne Wilde sized projects, but lots of fun and hopefully it'll all turn out very cute.

I'm very partial to light blue with a touch of yellow, so fresh and pretty.

My willpower being what it is, I've also bought a Blythe knock-off on Ebay. This one is already customised because I don't want to have to do any work to it.   I already own one Basaak Blythe, and I did up her face myself.  It was hard work getting the shine off her face and I never did quite manage to replace the eye chips, but I still have the new ones, and might still try getting it done.

Back to my my tutorial editing.  Onwards and upwards. :)



  1. Tess, I'd love to see your knock-off customized doll! I have a couple myself. I SEW love that you hand-sew all your doll fashions. For now, I do too. I bought myself a sewing machine for Christmas last year but am slow getting around to using it; I really like to sew by hand. BUT: I've begun sewing for 18", 24", and bigger dolls -- those long straight seams by hand are B-O-R-I-N-G and tedious, ack!

    1. Stacey - you can see my Basaak girl her

      I'm scared to use my machine too! It's big and fast and I only tend to use it for the long boring seams like skirts for larger dolls. Even then, I usually end up hand sewing because it's too much fiddle to get the machine out and set it up.


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