Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Cotton lawn from Lacuna Press.

I've been offline for a bit due to redecorating my bed/sewing room.   It's a real challenge with my anxiety problems and my useless back, but yesterday I managed to get a whole wall done, paint around the window, radiator etc. Tomorrow's a big deal because I need to move all my dolls, shelves and work desk to paint the larger wall.

Having my room upside down is extremely stressful, and while my back was okay this morning, I went to bed last night and it had seized up very painfully.  My legs hurt today, so I had a break to try and alter my curtains.  

Something lovely came in the post today which really cheered me up. My latest fabric prints from Lacuna Press. I used the kittyface design which is an old one I created a few years ago, updated a bit with little hearts and a soft cream background.  I also created a couple of new designs, little raccoon faces with retro flowers, and some cute lil' wols with hearts and flowers.

I do love me some wols. <3

I love Lacuna Press. I know I keep saying it, but the cotton lawn is exquisite and soft, beautiful to sew.  It's not cheap, but then it's not the most expensive cotton lawn I've found online either, and I'm happy to pay for such high quality.  ...And speed!

Another nice thing about this UK company is that the colours of the fabric, when it arrives, is so close to the colours on my monitor when I'm designing.  I'm so happy to have discovered this great website and can't recommend them enough.

Here's the link:  

I'll be making some really cute dolly dresses with these tiny animal prints. Can't wait! 

But alas, not until I've finished the arduous task of painting this room. Le sigh.  I will keep you posted. 



  1. Nice fabric .... I like the wols too... nice to know someone else calls them that too!!! Don't overdo the painting...

    1. We <3 wols. :) Finished decorating. My back is in bits, but it's worth it.


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