Monday, 6 October 2014

Desk tidies.

It's literally been years since I sewed anything for myself, rather than dolls, so I had loads of fun making my desk tidies.

Much happier with it all now;



I still had this wire mesh letter rack which I use for holding my pattern pieces while I'm working at the desk, and I really hate it. So I made a fabric covered one to tie in with my other desk tidies.  It doesn't look quite professional or polished with bare card showing, but I prefer it it to the mesh one. 

Now at least when I do tidy my desk it looks properly tidy.  You can also see the cute little Blythe outfits I've been working on. :)

Now I need to make another Blythe outfit and photograph each step for the next pattern release. I made these two to test the pattern thoroughly.  Lots of work to do!



  1. Fab tidies - you are clever and the Blythe outfits look lovely....

    1. Thanks Trish. I've even tarted up my desk pad thingyy now. It's an A3 drawing board with fabric covering it, so the photos look nice for the dolly clothes patterns. You may have noticed it was pale grey in the patterns you bought.... I've now gone deep purple, lol. I thought of you while I was re-covering it.

    2. Nothing wrong with a bit of deep purple.. or any shade of purple for that!!

  2. Gosh, mega tidy! Gotta silly question: I`ve never seen a Blythe and was wondering how they compare to MH, pips, barbies etc...? I always imagine them to be similar to bratz! What are the nekkid bods? :)

    1. Not silly at all. I hadn't seen one before I got one! Blythe are bigger than MH and Bratz, but smaller than Sindy or Barbie. I've sent you and email with a bit more info. :)


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