Monday, 20 October 2014

Inserting eyes into a doll.

I don't know if I'm extremely impressionable or what, quite, but whenever someone asks me a bout a particular outfit, garment or some aspect to dolly creativity, I sort of get obsessed about it and have to explore the possibility.

Hence when a friend on Facebook asked me if I was planning to give the new Phin doll I've ordered some glass eyes - I was both terrified and fascinated.

Still don't know if I have the temerity to attempt it on a precious Tonner doll, but today I picked up a poor helpless Moxie hybrid and stared cutting her head to bits.

Puir wee thing.

So absorbed was I, that I didn't take photos for most of the process, but I cut off the top of her head leaving 'tabs' to help it close up again, and slowly started poking out her eyes with a blade.  You need a very sharp scalpel blade to do this effectively, and as a result, I've jabbed my thumb (the other one, not the one I cut a few days ago) twice and bled profusely. So now I have two cut thumbs. Pah.

Once I'd finished bleeding and cursing, I managed to make a nice neat job of the outside of the eye sockets.  I picked a doll with a hard plastic head and while Moxies are not as hard as Wilde Imagination or Tonner dolls, it was better than working on an uber-soft Monster High doll.

I didn't use a dremel, because the vinyl is too soft, I'm sure.  One of my homies had a dremel I could borrow, but I'll wait until I decide to attempt a harder-headed doll.   It's very difficult to bevel out the insides of the eye sockets with a scalpel. I made a right mess of the inside, but eventually the eyes did sit properly in her head.

I gave the eyes a bit of eyeliner with black acrylic, stuck on some eyelashes (You see how these things snowball?)  and finally tried different pairs of eyes in the doll's head.

Ugh.  The hardest part of this was getting the eyes in the right position, and to stay in.  Admittedly the flatness of the Moxie Girlz face is not conducive to getting a really good-looking eye, but the fiddle and faff I had of trying to attach the eyes without gluing.  Vinyl is soft, not like resin or The WI/Tonner dolls, so the head keeps shifting and regular eye putty just doesn't work.   Blu-Tac was a bit better, but still the stupid eyes kept detaching and hanging loose in the head.

It took me AS LONG to get some eyes into her, as when I cut out and bevelled the plastic.  What I've done is order some cheap oval eyes from China via Ebay, and will have to glue them into her head.  Which is okay, as long as it works.  I'll update when the eyes arrive.

So, here she is. Yes the eyes look a bot googly, and don't quite line up. They should fit flusher to the eye openings, but you can see they kept swinging loose and are not as snug as they should be.

I should have taken a 'before' shot really, but will take a pic of one of my other Moxies when I put in the new eyes.

Suffice it to say, I feel almost confident that I could do a Phin doll, but it's still very scary. The cutting is very difficult. You have to push the tip of the blade in quite hard, and it would be easy to slip and split the doll's head wide open.

Still I guess that's better than a major artery.  >_<



  1. que diferencia,me gusta el resultado ,eres muy atrevida......than

    1. Gracias . :)

      Sólo estoy atrevida con esta muñeca , porque ella no es muy caro ! Voy a tener más valiente espero. xx

  2. Well done - you're braver than me although I did think about trying it with an old Sindy head at one point! Don't think it's persuaded me to have a try though!!

    1. This doll was sort of spare to requirements, because I have a duplicate, but the cutting out part was less awkward than actually fixing the eyes in correctly! I don't blame you for not being persuaded, it is tricksy.


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