Friday, 24 October 2014

Leotard for Phin.

Now I've sent Lucas's head off for repainting, and I have a couple more Phin dolls wending their way across the Atlantic, I wanted to get back to making some guy clothes.

I'm a bit exhausted with the patterns and really need a break. I worked really hard to release 15 pattern tutorials in just a few months, so I'm indulging myself with the boys for a bit.

One thing I wanted to do was to create a leotard - so that when I tuck a tee-shirt or top into their pants, it stays tucked in. Now, I'm aware that it's not terribly fashionable for guys to tuck their shirts or tee-shirts into their jeans/trousers, but when you spent an age sewing a perfect pair of doll jeans, with lots of lovely detail on the fly and around the waist, well - you want it to be seen.

I used the basic tee-shirt pattern (#011)  and adapted it into the leotard shape with a bit of measuring and guess-work.

The first pattern draft is a success!  That doesn't always happen so I'm very pleased.  It could do with shortening just a tiny bit in the body, and I may or may not take the sleeves in a little, but apart from that it works perfectly.

I'm also pleased with the way I managed to get the stripes to match up.  I wanted eyelets at the neck, so the front had to be done in two halves.  It's looking good.   

The next concern was whether or not the jeans would fit over the extra bulk around his bum and crotch.   I knew the stretch jeans I made would, but was hoping the rigid jeans wouldn't need re-working.  As luck would have it - they do fit. :)

They're a teeny bit tight in the waistband, but moving the fastening a little will resolve that.  So at least pattern #012 can be used over the leotard.  I will probably publish this as a pattern too. Leotards are so darned useful to have in a doll's wardrobe. Boy or girl.

I plan to make a pair of army green cargo pants to be worn with this, in a stretch denim, so I used green eyelets at the neck.  My only regret is that one of the eyelets is out of sync with the rest.  Things like that niggle me, and it sticks out like a sore thumb whenever I look at it.

It's the second eyelet down on the doll's right hand side.   Slightly gutted over that error, but generally I love the garment.

Talking of sore thumbs, Mine are almost completely recovered now, so I'm enjoying my sewing again. :)

This outfit will be for my redhead once he's arrived and has been customised.   I love olive green on a redhead.   The other new guy will be blond, possibly  a bit of a hippie or a beach-bum.  I'm thinking of something tie-dyed for him at the mo.  Not sure yet.



  1. I like how you made ​​these pieces of clothing for your doll head man but does not look so handsome jajajaj

  2. Blogger is playing silly bloggers again... so will try and comment again (so you might get it twice!).... I wouldn't have noticed the eyelet without you mentioning it ..... I know it's hard being a perfectionist (I'm one too...) Ooh so he's gone to be repainted rather than glass eyed.... look forward to seeing how he looks... The leotard looks good too. Just waiting for some tiny zips to arrive and then I'm trying to make a ballgown for Ell..... this may be a step too far lol!!!!

    1. It's so annoying when it does that.

      Lol, yeah, I can forgive a mistake in someone else's work and not even notice it, but when it's something I've made, I can't stop looking at it.

      Lucas is being repainted, although the artist doing him does modifications on resin dolls, so I'm tempted to ask if she (I think Dr Krow is a she, not sure) would fancy having a go with Lucas. It's a bit scary, and I'm nervous about asking her to do too much.

      Ooh a ball gown! Go for it, be brave! I'm sure you'll do a lovely job of it. :)


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