Tuesday, 21 October 2014

More repainting.

I may or may not attempt glass eyes in my new Phin doll when he arrives... incidentally, I have actually now succumbed to temptation and bought a fourth.  Then I'll have a raven haired boy, a brunette, a blond and a redhead.  Heh.

Then that really is it.  The girls are happy though, that there's more manliness to go around.

For now, I wanted to amend Lucas's eyebrows.  I'm after a sort of appealing expression, but I can't seem to get it right.   I managed to make the eyebrows nicer today, but on re-doing the eyes themselves, all I've managed to do is to make him look profoundly sad.

Le sigh.

The light is funny in my room today, so I found it hard to get a well-lit shot of him, but here's the progress:

I added some very pale freckles for his cheeks too. They look adorbz in real life, and very natural, but the camera doesn't pick them up terribly well.

I think this one below is the best freckle shot.  They are nice and even across both cheeks  but very hard to capture. I don't want to overdo them, because the redhead boy (when I get him) is have more pronounced freckles and green eyes.

I'll keep plodding on until I get him right. Even if it means wiping off all the paintwork and starting again.  I think what he needs is a bit more of an open-eyed look.  I've made the eyelids a bit too heavy which detracts from the innocent, appealing gaze.

He' still a very beautiful boy in my eyes. <3

For his eyebrows, I was very brave. I actually managed to sand down the annoying eyebrow marks that have been etched into this sculpt. I used 600 grit silicon carbide paper, very fine, and just worked away gently at the marks. I couldn't remove them all, but managed to get rid of just enough. For anyone wanting to try this - TAKE CARE.  It does show where the doll has been sanded, very slightly. It doesn't show in photographs, or under normal light, but can be detected under very bright light.

Just passing that along.  It doesn't ruin the doll, but a serious collector would pick up on it and might think it's detrimental to the doll.

But anyway, enough blather.  I'm off to design some fabric prints by way of respite.  I still can't sew today due to both my cut thumbs, but they're not so sore today. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to pick up a needle and tread without pain.



  1. Bless him he does look a bit sad - but the freckles look good! Ouch to the thumbs - hope they get better soon!!

    1. I may have just found a UK artist who would do him for me. I'm kind of excited. I do like the freckles, I don't have nearly enough dolls with freckles. :)

      The thumbs are less sore today, because I painted and played on the computer and stopped poking them about. Darned scalpels are vicious, lol.


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