Sunday, 26 October 2014

More stuff for the boys.

I've finished off the cargo pants for my new Phin doll.  At least I thought I had until I realised Id forgotten to embroider the fly, but I shall do that tomorrow.

Once I'd finished the pants, I couldn't decide whether to have a go at making a pair of braces (suspenders if you're American)  or a waistcoat (again, if you're American, that's a vest, I think.)  I may end up doing both, but not in the same outfit.   I'm thinking of making one of my Phin boys into a cool British punk type, with an anarchy teeshirt and braces over it.  Maybe.

Any old hoo, I draped on the doll and marked out a good waistcoat pattern, complete with darts, and I'm sewing up the first pattern draft now.  It's fully lined, and I hope it works, 'cuz I'm not in the mood to sew five or six garments before I get it right.

My desk is remaining relatively organised, even if it is hard work keeping it that way:

The waistcoat will be a mottled black and charcoal, with a mottled green lining.   I do love green these days.  Especially olives and yellow greens.

Been feeling really tired of late.  Perhaps its the winter setting in, or me getting old or something. 

On the subject of Lucas, whose head has been sent off for his repaint. I had a chat with the artist about setting in some glass eyes and we're hoping it will Come to pass.   Watch this space.   I'm tremendously excited yet incredibly nervous at the same time.  :o 



  1. I think Winter and those dark nights makes us tired... I like the idea of braces.... (and the waistcoat looks fab... I'm catching up....) Oooh looking forward to seeing how Lucas turns out!

    1. I think you're right about the dark nights. I'll show off Lucas when I get him back - although this is a bit new for the artist concerned, so I'm hoping it won't go all wrong.


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