Wednesday, 1 October 2014

No, I totally don't do Blythe. ;)

I find beading dolly garments very relaxing.  It's also something I can sit and do after a day where I've sewed such tough fabrics that my fingers are sore. So today I finished up a petticoat and skirt for Blythe and devoted myself to beading the front half of the little ruffled long top.

Sewing through voile and crinkle muslin is nice and gentle on the pinkies. A good tip when beading dolly items is to mark out lots of dots in vanishing ink first. Really helpful.

And here's a tease of the finished thing, with a glimpse of the skirt.  I want to make a hat for this and throw some more embellishments on. It's looking very soft and pretty and feminine now. The clothes hare are still damp where I sprayed them to remove the vanishing ink and tweak them into shape.

I didn't take to Blythe dolls at first, to be completely honest, I didn't get them at all, but since I acquired the two Basaak girls, they're kind of growing on me, although they're not my doll of choice.  I won't be getting a collection of them, but I may modify them a bit more.   Mine seem to have acquired names, I had every intention of not naming them, because I don't do Blythe, heh, but now they're called Missy and Lottie. 

Here's Lottie looking mischievous  and a tad mysterious. I do like her new eye chips.  Basaak eye chips are so darned hard to get out, they're glued in and tend to shatter when being removed, but I managed to get the new ones in despite that.

Missy is the redhead I showed yesterday with the hats. I'm going to get her a more natural coloured wig or something.  Scarlet hair is fun, but doesn't lend itself to the colour schemes of most of my outfits.

More tomorrow. I seem to have three Blythe outfits on the go right now. It was going to be two, but the colour scheme for one of them was all wrong; so I've taken the non-matching elements away and will make two outfits out of the one mismatched one.



  1. Beautiful work. Inspiring as always!

  2. Looking good..... love the beads.... and the little ruffle.. I'll have to see if I can add some beads to something.... as I do like working with beads.... I look forward to seeing all the outfits soon!!

    1. They're such tiny beads, 14/0 almost the smallest you can buy, and were really fiddly to sew, but I think the result was worth it. I will show the outfits when they're done. I'm such a tease.

      Ooh yes, some of your gorgeous crochet or kitting with beads added would look scrumptious. :)

    2. I've done a few Ell crochet dresses with beads... but I don't think I've done any knitting for Ell with beads... I've done beaded shawls in the past but they are a bit bigger than 14/0!!!
      Oh I like the little teases of outfits.... it's fun trying to guess what it's going to be!!

  3. bonitos nombres y bonito trabajo
    gracias por compartir estos momentos...un beso


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