Sunday, 5 October 2014

Prettying up my work space.

This is not a tutorial.  It's just and idea and hopefully some inspiration for using up junk.

I love my workdesk. I inherited when my dear mother passed away, and I remember she saved up for it and bought it brand new.  My dad fixed it all together really solidly, and I just love it so much. It's perfect.  My mum loved it so much as well, in fact she was doing a crafts project at this desk the day she passed away.

It's very precious to me, as is her 1950's sewing box.

But anyway, I got completely sidetracked in nostalgia there.  I currently have my tools and implements stored in plastic desk tidies, meant for offices or school rooms.  Plastic, and boring. Untidy looking and not very inspiring.  Desktop organisers seem to cost a fortune if you want something nice, and I can't find much that meets my requirements.

Bleh. Boring, plastic, and not attractive.

However. I have a load of thick corrugated card from boxes stored away, and a load of quilter-weight fabrics that really need using up, so I decided to try and make some patchwork boxes.  I've seen a couple of tutorials for doing this around the internet but I can't find them again, so I made it up as I went along.

First I cut my card to size and glued the fabric to it with thick PVA.

Then I started sewing the panels together.  I made sure I didn't get any glue on the edges of the card, so the fabric wasn't too stiffened with glue to sew.

This colour scheme is beginning to look somewhat Christmassy.  Not intentional. ( In fact - I am totally the Grinch.)

The sewing was the most fun part. But then that's my thang.

I made three boxes in all, taking all my implements into account and what sized boxes I'd need for the different sized things like scissors, pens, small objects like the fray check bottles and superglue, etc.

Here are the first two boxes.  A bit messy inside, so I decided to line them with stiff card. Luckily my housemate had a load of old bits of mounting card. She's very awesome when I need bits and bobs.

I'm still in the process of lining the boxes and making dividers for them. 

My sore back stopped play, as it usually does. So I'm off to watch TV on my tablet and rest up for the night.  I shall endeavour to post pictures of the finished items tomorrow.



  1. How cool is that????? My bits and bobs are in a couple of similar shaped thingies to your plastic ones, only in a metal mesh. Bleh indeed! :)

    1. I have one of those metal mesh letter rack thingies to put my patterns in. I'm trying to figure out how to make one out of card and fabric. It's harder than making a box!

  2. me gusta como va quedando el trabajo, un besito

  3. Fab ideas... another thing to do when I've found more time..... someone must be hiding it from me!! Nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia - it's lovely that you can still use your Mum's desk - I still have my Nan's button box!!

    1. It's lovely to have bits and pieces once owned by one's mum or gran/nan. I think these ladies started us on the road to homecrafts in the first place. I can remember looking through my mum's button box. :)

    2. Well at the age of 2 my Grancher found me trying to work out how to use the scissors! He showed me as he said he couldn't bear to see me struggling(!) and I like to think that's what started me crafting!! My Nan and Mum were not impressed as I proceeded to cut up anything I could get my hands on!!

    3. I have visions of shredded tablecloths and curtains now, lol.

    4. I think the curtains were safe ... I probably couldn't reach them!! I've a feeling it was books and newspapers that got shredded - and then of course when I got a bit older my poor dolls normally got a haircut.... at least now I could reroot them lol!!


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