Sunday, 12 October 2014


I was seized with the desire to decorate my room recently, and the pot of paint I bought for it has sat downstairs, unloved, for too long.  So I finally decided to attack the job.

The room is my bedroom and sewing room combined. I also have my computer in here, so it's pretty much Raccoon Headquarters.  The way our house is set up, there's no space for me to drag all my furniture outside and set about it properly, so I ended up shifting everything away from one wall, prepping and painting it, then shifting it all back and moving stuff away from the next wall.   I've only done three walls, which were a sort of cream, as is the ceiling. But I like it this way and I don't have the physical strength, or any paint, to do that final wall anyway.
Maybe next Spring.

Here's a pic in progress.  I opted for a very soft sage green, called Crushed Aloe. I love it. I adore greens, they're so relaxing, which is good for my anxiety.

And one of the finished wall behind my workdesk (The colour of the paint hasn't come out very well here, alas.):

It's all looking very soft and smart, and clean. :)  I love it so much.

Wanting to get a more coordinated look (After all, this is my creative space) I couldn't afford a whole new set of soft furnishings; so I bought three cheap cotton bedspreads from Ebay, used one as a bedspread, then made matching curtains by using my old curtains as the lining and re-using the original curtain tape and hooks:

The fabric looks far darker and more vibrant in the pictures. In real life, the colours are softer and slightly chalkier.

I also have this old fireplace in my room.  It's not attractive, and it's impractical to use it to light fires, so I made a tiny curtain to keep it looking tidy.  I store a fair amount of crap in it and don't want to have to look at it!

In the above picture on the right, you can see one of the chopped-up bedspreads.  I still have a fair bit of fabric and might use it to cover a couple of pieces of memory foam that I use as comfort pillows for my back. They'll look a sight nicer than being wrapped up in old pillow cases.

So yes, the whole endeavour has exhausted me. My back is in bits, and I'm just doing a few bits of hand sewing to finish off the room.  I've also ordered some cheap artists canvasses and plan to make some abstract art to hang up around the walls.  They look a bit empty now I've taken all my pictures down.  I'm bored of the old pictures, so I need to make something new.

All this means I'm taking a bit of a break from the dolly stuff, possibly until next week; but we'll see how it all goes.


I'm ff for a bit of a lie down.



  1. me gusta el color elegido para la pared,ya estas acabando..animo

    1. Gracias por las amables palabras . :) Ahora soy feliz de que termine.

      (Espero que mis palabras se traducen !)

  2. Nice colour and I like the curtains/bedspread too! Hope the back's feeling better!

    1. The back is a bit better, but we had the boiler guys in today installing a new combi boiler, so the heating and water were off all day and I sat shivering in my blankie with a book. It's all done now and the heating is on, so at last I'm warm! lol.

      I also made a cushion cover in those bedspreads, and have just ordered a new orthopaedic mattress.... it actually cost less than quite a few of of my dolls!

  3. Nice job! What a day to have no heating though :( Hope you`re recuperating now and will be back to dolly stuff soon :)

    1. I took delivery of my new orthopaedic mattress today. So so I anticipate my back recovering at least a bit very soon. :) We now have heating and hot water from a brand new boiler, my homies (who I rent with) got a grant for a brand new efficient one. The landlords had to chip in a bit, but luckily the landlords are relatives of the people I stay with, so yay.


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